Story review

This is a REAL story review. I WILL be 100% honest with these reviews and I WILL be a little harsh if your story is not that good....
I will be rating the stories out of a score of 100%
My grading system will be
0-10% : Do you seriously think this is a story? A baby can write better...
20-30% : This story needs some MAJOR fixes. Your spelling isn't even the worse part of the way it is written.
40-50% : This story is not that int resting because of the way it was written., I only gotten through the first few pages.
60-70% : There is potential of this story. There are some things that need to be fixed.
80% : This story seems to be on the road of being the best story in ONE theme in Movellas.
90% : This story is amazing! There is no doubt that with this story and your writing that this story will take you places.
100% : This story is the best out of them all! Stories like these deserve to be published in real life!



After reading the first three paragraphs I was so confused. I would not have guessed at all that the main character was a pirate if I did not read the description at all. The description is supposed to summarize the story without giving away spoilers! It’s not supposed to give you information that you may not have known on the first paragraph.

The way that you started the story was a little bit confusing and it was extremely hard for me to close my eyes and imagine about what room this person is at. You didn’t give enough details about the environment. It could be taken place in a field full of daisies. I wouldn’t know because you did not give enough information about the environment.

The way you started the story was okay but you seemed to be going downhill after that. You were not giving enough background information as they were talking. I would like if you explained more about their position. For example, is the girl taller than the guy? You also had SO many spots in the first chapter to explain to us how the male looked like but you ignored each one of them.   There was a lot of talking in the story which was good and instead of always saying “She said blablabla.” Or “He yelled blablabla.” You used some defined words like, “He informed me” and “I took a deep breath.”

The second chapter was so much better. Not quite the details but a lot more eye grabbing than the first. Also, when somebody is talking in a story you do not have to put the words in the quotations in all caps. This is something that I, have recently found out. Instead of putting the letter in caps you should say that they said those words yelling. Does that make sense?

The next chapter seems to have the same mistakes as chapter two.

I did not finish reading this story not only because it was not a story of my interest but also because this author did not allow me to imagine what was happening. There are not enough details to create an accurate picture in somebody’s mind.

RATE: 50%

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