That First Band Practice

(This story is based on when 5sos wasn't famous)
Two girls meet there new Neighbour and kinda fall in love (not for the same guy) will secrets from there past come to haunt them or will there lives continue as usual. Find out by reading.
(Sorry if it's not that good, it's my first time writing)


6. # 6

Chapter 6

•Carly's POV•

*skip the car ride*

Finally Calum's car pulled up to what he said was his friends Michael's house. "We're here"he said making sure Erin could here him in the back. I opened my door and hopped out. I shut my door and walked over to the drivers side. Calum's and Erin did the same. Calum walked up to the front door and knocked. "Hello Calum" a lady said as she opened the door "who are you friends?"

"Oh um, these are my mom's friend's daughter's Erin and Carly"

"Ok well Michael is in the flat at the back"

We walked into the house and out to the back. There was a little house thing at the back. It looked small but I kinda figured it was bigger on the inside.

•Erin's POV•

Calum knocked on the door of the thing I like to call a granny flat. His friend Michael opened the door.

"Your late"he said specifically to Calum. He pointed his thumbs at us without looking back. Michael smiled then opened the door wider to let us in.

•Ashton's POV•(for another change)

There was a knock at the door. Michael went to open it and I could hear him say something along the lines of "your late". There was no reply. Michael stepped away from the door and in walked Calum with those two girls Carly and Erin right behind him. Michael led them into the living room were I was. Carly leaned in and whispered something in Erin's ear. You could see Erin was trying to hold in laughter but she let it out and her laugh filled the quiet house.

•Erin's POV•

We walked into the house behind Calum. Michael was leading us to some place when Carly leaned in and whispered in my ear. "Michael ass is so hot" is all she said. I tried to hold in my laughter but i couldn't. I dropped to my knees still laughing and clutching my stomach because it hurt from laughing so hard. I could feel everybody's eyes on me but I still kept laughing.

I finally stopped and I looked up to see a very unhappy Carly. Then a smile appeared on her face. "It was kinda funny wasn't it" she giggled. That's the thing with Carly,no matter how hard you try she will only giggle. She's never had a full on laugh session in like me.

"What was funny" I heard a voice say. Stood up looking around the room. There was curly (Ashton) on the couch with Luke beside him. Michael and Calum were turned around starring at us.

"Don't you dare tell them" Carly's voice paranoid.

I turned to look at her and then giggled a little. Her face turned beet red and she looked at the ground trying not to look at anybody.

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