That First Band Practice

(This story is based on when 5sos wasn't famous)
Two girls meet there new Neighbour and kinda fall in love (not for the same guy) will secrets from there past come to haunt them or will there lives continue as usual. Find out by reading.
(Sorry if it's not that good, it's my first time writing)


5. # 5

Chapter 5

•Calum's POV•(for a change)

It's been a week since Erin kicked some guy where it hurts most.

I hadn't seen Erin or Carly since then. There mom stops buy sometimes but that's just to say hi to my mom.

"Calum come down stairs please," my mother called up the stairs.


I ran down the stairs only to be greeted by Carly and her mother. "Oh hi Carly and Mrs.Blandfeld," I said, " what are you doing here?"

"Hi Calum,"Carly said, " I was wandering if I could speak to you upstairs?"

"Yeah, um follow me."

I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked.

"Um ,yeah" I replied.

"You know your friend with the pink hair?"

"Yeah I know him he's my friend after all."

She giggled a little bit.

"Well do you think you could give me his number?"

"Uh, why don't you and your sister just come to band practice with us and you can see him and ask him?"

"Omg thank you so much!"she screamed. She hugged me then ran out of the room and down the stairs.

•Erin's POV•

"Erin Erin Erin," I heard my sister yell. My door flung open and my sister ran in. "Erin will you come with me to Calum's band practice so I can meet that kid with the pink hair?" Would it really be that bad I mean my sister gets to see that kid and I guess I get to kinda go to a concert."ok I'll come," I said as I sat up on my bed.

She ran over to my closet and threw a crop top that had the words YOU COMPLETE MEss written on it to me. I took off my extra big nirvana t-shirt and slipped the other one on.

She ran out of my room and came back in with a pair of acid wash high wasited jean shorts. I slipped my feet in the shorts then pulled them up. I zipped up the zipper and buttoned the button.

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