That First Band Practice

(This story is based on when 5sos wasn't famous)
Two girls meet there new Neighbour and kinda fall in love (not for the same guy) will secrets from there past come to haunt them or will there lives continue as usual. Find out by reading.
(Sorry if it's not that good, it's my first time writing)


4. # 4

Chapter 4

• Erin's POV•

I heard a car behind us so I turned around. Sure enough it was my ex Brad. That's when I started to feel uneasy. Then all of the memories of Brad all started to come back.

*Flash Back*

Brad let go of me. "Just tell me you love me"his voice boomed through my empty house. "Brad I wish I could but your just,just to-" I tried to get the words out but brad was holding my ankle really hard so I started to sob into my hands "plea-se ju-st le-t me go" I said in between sobs.

"STOP CRYING," he yelled and I tried but I couldn't. "You bitch,"he said then slapped me across the face.

*End of Flash Back*

"Erin, Erin," Carly said as she shook me breaking my train of thought. " Erin "she said. That's when I saw Brad running across the street. I got up and ran over to him grabbing his arm and pulling him over to my house. We stood outside looking at each other for a while till he spoke. " Erin you know I still love you" he said putting his hand on my cheek. I moved his hand away. He leaned in and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away,"look,"I said," you might still have feelings for me but I'm over you." He just completely ignored me and kissed me. I pushed him off and kicked him right where it hurts most.


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