That First Band Practice

(This story is based on when 5sos wasn't famous)
Two girls meet there new Neighbour and kinda fall in love (not for the same guy) will secrets from there past come to haunt them or will there lives continue as usual. Find out by reading.
(Sorry if it's not that good, it's my first time writing)


3. # 3

Chapter 3

•Erin's POV•

My mom and I walked out of the house to see Carly staring at some boy. She looked us then threw the mail to my mom. She put it inside then closed and locked the door. I walked over to my sister," go say hi,"I whispered in her ear. She looked at me,"I can't just walk up and say hi,"she whispered back,"he has to come say hi first."

"You and me both know that's not going to happen"

I started to walk over to the boys when I felt a tug on my t-shirt.

"Please don't go over there" I heard her say

I looked back at her,"you don't have to come" said. A frown came onto her face. I let out a little giggle then started walking again when all of a sudden I felt another tug on my t-shirt.

"Can I at least have a piggyback?"she asked

I bent down a little bit so she could hop on. She jumped onto my back and we started walking again.

•Carly's POV•

I hopped onto Erin's back and then we walked over to the house across the street. She stopped walking and I hopped off. She walked over to the mom and held out her hand." Hi I'm Erin,"she said as she shook the other lady's hand. Apparently her name is joy. My mother walked over and shook her hand as well. Joy opened the door to her house. "Calum, Mali,and friends come down here please,"she called up into the house. Then four boys and a girl game running down the stairs and stood by the door. "Guys this is Mrs.Blandfeld,"she said motioning towards my mom,"and they are her daughters Erin and um sorry I don't know your name,"

" Um I'm uh"

"She's Carly,"Erin said.

•Erin's POV•

"Hi I'm Luke" the blonde one said " hi, uh nice t-shirt" I said motioning to his shirt witch just happened to be the same shirt I was wearing. He smiled. I saw one of the boys whisper something to Luke. Luke let out a little laugh and then nodded yes.

* buzz buzz *

I felt the buzzing against my butt. I pulled my phone out off my back pocket. I had gotten a text from my ex saying he was on his way

"Shit" I mumbled

"Young lady watch your language" my mother said, "hello? Answer me please."

"Yeah yeah, whatever mom," I mumbled in reply.

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