That First Band Practice

(This story is based on when 5sos wasn't famous)
Two girls meet there new Neighbour and kinda fall in love (not for the same guy) will secrets from there past come to haunt them or will there lives continue as usual. Find out by reading.
(Sorry if it's not that good, it's my first time writing)


1. # 1

Chapter 1


•Erin's POV•

I was woken up by the sound of music blasting through speakers. I opened my eyes only to shut them again because of the light. That's when I felt someone leaning on me. "WAKE UP," my sister screeched in my ear. I tried to slap her but she moved away before I could."Get your fat ass out of bed before mom comes up here." I tried to ignore my sister and go back to bed but the reputation I have with my mom isn't the best so I decided to get up. " cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby,"my sister sang along to the music as I dragged my lazy ass out of bed.

Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My is name Erin Blandfeld. I'm eighteen and I just graduated high school. I have pastel blue hair and green eyes. I have my lip pierced and about nine piercings in one ear. I'm about 5'7 and people ask me if I'm emo when I'm clearly not. My sister over there is Carly Blandfeld. She's my twin with means she's also eighteen but sometime I believe she's eleven because of the way she acts. She still has her natural auburn hair and green eyes. She has her nose pierced but not her ears. She's about 5'2 and really girly.

I walked up behind my sister, "what we listening to?" I asked. She turned around and gave me that "you should now" look. "What?" I asked "oh nothing just trying to listen to 5 seconds of summer" she replied with a smug look on her face. I turned around trying to remember who 5 seconds of summer was. "There the four Australian boys I keep talking about if you where wandering," she said to my back. I instaly remembered who they where. They where these boys that did covers of songs on YouTube. I walked of to my closet. I grabbed out my my nirvana muscle-tee and placed it on my bed then headed for my my dresser but before I could reach my dresser my sister handed me my black skinny jeans that had rips all the way along the pant legs. "Thank you," I said as I took the pants from her. Then I shooed her out of the room and walked over to my window. As I reached the window I saw that a family was moving in across the street. There was what I assumed to be,the mom,the dad, and two kids, a boy, and a girl. They where all really tan but not to tan so it didn't look like they lived in the sun. Who I assumed was the daughter was really pretty. She had long dark brown hair that almost reached her but. She was wearing denim high waisted jean shorts,a floral crop top , and some black and white converse. It was hard to see her face but I could tell she was pretty. The guy who I was guessing was her brother had the same dark brown hair but it was short and he had a blonde streak in it. He was wearing a nirvana short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. He was wearing the same shoes as his sister but they where high top converse instead. That's when the boy looked up at me. His eyes widened. That's when I realized the music was still playing thought speakers. I looked away from the kid and looked at my speakers instead. My speakers where sitting on my dresser. I walked over to them and turned off the music. I walked back over to the window and shut the curtains. I got dressed in what I had laid out and then put some socks on. I left my hair as its wavy self then put it I a high ponytail.I opened the door to my room to be greeted by my mom. "oh Erin um I guess your ready well um there's a family moving in next door so we are going over there to say hi later or something so yeah" my mom said. My eyes widened. I was going to me the people across the street. This is going to be ruff.

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