Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


8. Ch.8 Harrnising my Power

“Ok first thing's stab this sword into your mannequin like this. *POOF(:*

“A snake is that what yours looks like.’’

‘’Yea, but I like yours better just stab the mannequin.” *POOf(:*

“Hi sam how have you been and I thought I told you to kill Felix. I don't want to see him after what happened. If you do anything to Sam I will kill you.” *LOL eli is a perv*

“Ummmm hi savanna still mad aren't ya.”

“Wait stop savanna he still feels sorry for what he did see, say it eli say it.

“yea, I still have nightmares about that and how did Sam know? I never told her.”

“I learned it myself I have contacts.*backs away*

”Oh I guess SHE didn’t tell you Sam. I’m still mad at her she did it at the worst possible time it freaked everybody out.” “Who’s this SHE you're talking about.”

“Oh! she’s Sams’ shini....*stare* her shining shoes! yea those silver ones!”

“yea now i have to find some silver shining shoes. Thanks!”Sam whispered in sarcasm.  

“Sam is what she saying true cuz if it’s not I will find out.”

”Ummmm gotta go for this gets worse.”(disappears)

“Oh well alright, Now where were we???”

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