Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


5. Ch.5 The Truth

“Ok so I think I get it now umm, is there a name I can call you?”

”call me Eli”

”Ok eli, so im one of some group that fights those things but what’s with the katanas?”

“NOPE WRONG! their called cutlasses you’ll just have to summon yours. Here i’ll help you with that *knocks her out* hope she’s not mad at me when she wakes up, if she is i’ll hide and wait till she calms down.”*Said like a true coward*


   “I swear can’t stop knocking me out it’s annoying what did he mean by summon a katana…(Looks down) Oh thats how but, where am I”

“Hi nice to talk to you again sam, it’s been three years am I correct?”

”You, and I talked to a few minutes ago. Right???”

“Oh, what are you talking about?”

“B-but” *Is cut off by a certain someone*

“Hi Savanna or do want me to call you by what you are?”

“dont say my real name baboso.”

“oh who’s this?”

“I’m not a ‘who’ i’m Samantha Ward”

“Oh yea I remember you!”

“Yea Joker” Samantha said a warning tone.

“Leave me out of this.” The slayer said.

“Sorry I was just joking give a break with that temper. You are a ward. *sigh* “And what's wrong with that?!”

“Ugh well i’m not staying buh-bye.”

“Well i’m a cutlass *so cool omg* you know what that is right?” Yes you’re a special type of cutlass who beats those things by cutting their mask or cuts them in half but, who was that?!” Wow you were well prepared and she was well… a shinigami you’re shinigami too but you’re special type of shinigami called a soulkeeper.”

” I already know that but I haven’t told eli yet.”

“Great now since you came for what you wanted you can go and kill eli now I know you want to I am you of course bye see you in the real world.”

“k bye” *disappears* WAIT WHAT, why would I kill eli?!?!?!?!”

“Is she gone?”

“yes you can come out now.”

“So another Ward this is gonna be fun.”

“Yea well time to go back to your’ world.”   

“bye sister.”

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