Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


4. Ch.4 History's Worst Birthday

*Three years later*

“Yay, Sam today is your birthday you’ll be turning sixteen!” said Kyla. Well as you know it’s my birthday ,also Kyla just got out of the hospital. So we were walking home after school like always but this time was different, again the feeling kept on happening to me when I would walk home on this  route. You know how I told you about the well thing that had attacked us last time. It killed my mom. My dad went away when I was three so also I am in the same house as Kyla, because her family left her to go back to California.


   When me and Kyla got to our apartment there was a strange car in our neighbor's driveway but, we just ignored it and went on with our life. The thing was once we came to our house something was there it had a glowing silver mask and a ghasts body. I went in last but when I came in it had blood on its face and Kyla was laying on the ground shaking in fear scared for her life. It was here.

“I’ve found you Samantha, time to take you home.”


   “It’s here. Go Sam NOW!” I remember what happened next clear as day. I was running towards that creature thing in my hand was the cutlass that I saw three years ago but someone else was there. I’ve never seen one like it before it seemed as if he and my sword were connected somehow. The biggest thing was that HE JUST STOOD THERE! He was without a care in the world watched me try to figure out what’s going on. First of all I think Kyla is probably going to die from too much blood loss, and there’s a monster in my house saying he’s going to bring me home, also why is he in my house!!!!!!! I mean he didn't even knock, even the monster is confused now, so I took the opportunity to cut him down while he was out on cloud nine. A/N You see what I did there eh? eh? *end of note*

“Ok now that he’s dead who are you exactly and how did you get in, I mean I didn't even hear you open the do……now he’s gone. Well back out again to take Kyla to the hospital…….again. Why does this happen to me?”

“Yes, why does it happen to you…(smirk)”

”where did you go you little….. wait who ARE you?!”

“The name’s Felix. Now who are you?”

”Answer mine first……Felix.”

“I never left I was right behind you the whole time Sam, or should I say Samantha ward.” “How???….what ever just answer this, what was that, and what are you doing here, also how do you know my name?”

“Well I sorta know everything about what has happened. Also, when kyla wakes up I will tell you.”

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