Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


1. Ch.1 Me and Kyla


   Ok so  I was saying my name’s Sam I was born in texas. I know yeehaw or whatever or something along those lines. Hope you like it. One day I was mindin my own business and I got smacked in the head

“Ya should of done your chores sam!!!!!” Turns out it was my mother ,Jasmin, whew……. Later that unfortunate day I was walking home from school and from out of nowhere a girl about my age she was running away from some random dudes, that later I found out who were perverts.

“Help me, please” she yelled.

“Shut Up and come here!” the dudes said. So knowing me I ran up and kicked their heads into each other and they were knocked out soon after that which is strange , i've never been that athletic. So then I had asked her name and she said it was Kyla it turns out she just moved here and was in the same school as me, we were also in the same grade and classes. Later we turned out to be great friends and that was it for now………

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