Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


9. Ch. 9 More training and my first battle! On Christmas yay

(About a year has passed now)“You’re doing great with a little more practice you’ll be stronger than me Sam!”

“Well how long have we been fighting non stop? Three days! Wow, not even I could hold out that long at your level! Guess i'm special even more now hehe. Lets stop and get some rest. But, i’m not tired!!! Yea but I am I’m going to bed wake me up tomorrow if you even can kay. Fine, I will say hi to Kyla for me i’ve gotta go somewhere special, bye! Kay Bye!


   Hey mom, it’s been awhile hasn’t it i’ve missed you alot lately. I wish you were here with me and Kyla right now. Well i’m gonna go home see you next week…mom….

Hey Sam where’d you go? To my moms’ shrine why you asking? Just a little worried thats all. Ok well i’m tired and gonna go to bed wait, where’s Felix he’s asleep on the couch. Kay night. Night.


   One week later on Friday……

Hey Felix, Felix where are you. Here I am what’s up?

I found some stuff out about your sister. It says that she lives here in texas but it doesn't say where oh here’s a pic of her and ………………… How when she

KYLA COME HERE FOR A SECOND!!!!!! What’s with the- why do you have a pic of me on there??? What’s your last name Kyla…Ummm it’s Apple (Sorry, I had to include me somewhere)


   So I guess you found me out little brother what took so long??? Umm Felix I think he’s in shock (Wham). OWWW that hurt well once you find out that your friend is your secret sister you would be in shock too. Whoah whoah whoah then you’re eighteen not fourteen Kyla?!?! Yup. How did you know about me then??? Well your dad is the- umm he’s well known.. I know that he’s the strongest slayer with a shinigami i’m not that dumb. WAIT you knew?!?! when you were knocked out Felix told me and I have my sources too

ya know. (DURP didn’t expect it did ya mwahaha)


   BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!! What was that and where did Kyla and Sam go I’m stuck with them aren't I, ugh. Wait Sam Don’t…Wait you have a slayer??? Yea, just got it too and I know how to use it. Does it look familiar Kyla. It was your slayer, savanna. How did whatever just kill it Sam!!!!! Chill out do you think that I was just standing here doing nothing!!!!


   Wow he was easy to beat and only with one slash too. So you’re the person that got my slayer. Let me guess she is with her too that dumb-........ I made a deal with her Kyla a deal i’m not proud of. What’s the deal Sam? If I don't get strong enough to at least scratch her in two years she will kill me instantly. Oh Sam why did you make the same mistake I did. I was forced kinda she summoned me and pointed a sword at my neck, so what would you do? I did the same thing well tell Felix it was nice seeing him I have to go an-. Go into hiding so they don’t find you. Just go i’ll just make something up to calm him down kay. Alright well bye. Bye. (Why does everyone I know die or leave me alone.)


  Uh oh look at the time i’ve got to go to visit mom.. I’ll visit Felix later and make up an excuse later.(At shrine) Mom sorry i’m late at least better late than never. This might be my last visit here i’m thinking of going away to the group of other soulkeepers and stay there for awhile. Then i’m going to find your wish…dad when he left me and you alone your heart was broken so I’ll find him for whatever it takes.”


   Yea that’s what I said before I knew what it means i was such an idiot and it almost got me killed many  times…after that..


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