Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


3. Ch. 3 Her or Me

Well it’s been a week since the incident and no one remembers maybe it was really just a nightmare. No! It was real there’s no mistaking it. I swear i’m not crazy at least not after today. I may never be the same again no matter how hard I try.



   Today I was walking home alone. Kyla was in the hospital again. “What’s going on please i’ll do anything”

“Wow, anything are you sure you want to know little girl”

“who's there” I said jumping in fright.

“Aww don’t remember me? I mean I am you”

“How could you be me there’s only one me last time I checked.”

“ Well the thing is that I am…wait move to the right on three …1…2….and…3 NOW”

So I moved like I was told if I hadn't moved I wouldn't be here right now. I had looked beside me and said.

“No, not again not now not ever again, it was here that thing that had attacked us before all of this had happened. Why us why now. Can we be left alone to our own selves not with them or it.!

“Run and don't stop never look back”

“No, who are you!!!”

“Who am I you say, i am the one who sleeps under your bed with sharp claws and four heads.Who watches as you rest your head.

“WHAT!”, am said in fear.

*the stranger is laughing*

“Ok kid calm down. THAT was a thing called a joke...and a well played one at that. i am just a random person but don't forget me human i might just come back later. Now since introductions are out of the way. RUN”


“Cuz if you die I die. Got it! now move before i make you!”

So I ran for so long I couldn't even stand running anymore. It had seemed that I had ran for miles but something was missing.

“It was that voice where did it go? Did that just really happen.?” as i thought aloud. I talked it over to myself

“I must really be crazy now.” I said. As I went home. But something felt different this time like when I get home something might happen……or worse.


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