Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


11. Ch. 11 The Soulkeepers

~timeee skippp~

‘’Well were here Sam how do you like it?”

‘’It’s huge I’ve never seen a house this big before who knew you guys were like millionaires!’’ ‘’Well we aren’t exactly but close though.’’

‘’Hey eli what are you doin here?”

*Yes And, i’m including a country character he’s supposed to resemble me shush let it happen*

‘’Umm who’s he?’’

Sam meet Tyler ,or we just call him Ty, and ty meet sam.’’

‘’Hey, Eli u know Amy’s gonna kill you right?’’

‘’Oh, I forgot about that…”*shivers* (FLASHBACK!!!!)

‘’Umm Amy Eli is gone again.’’

‘’WHAT!!!! If he’s gone you know what to do. Also you were supposed to be watching him!’’ ‘’Sorry, I’ll go look for him.’’

*A couple months later* ‘’Amy it seems that we can’t find him this time maybe we should just wait it out.’’

‘’FINE! I will give you two years if he’s not back by then you’re going to be punished by being kicked out of the soulkeepers. *un-flashbacked*

FELIX!!!!!! oh no she’s back. uh hi mom (Oh yes Amy is felix’s step-mom) When did you get back you should've called me eli i missed you so much (must NOT laugh and Everyone that’s in the room besides Felix and Amy is dieing of laughter by the way Amy is acting) Sam is this is your mom? Sadly yes she is, Sam I would like you to meet my mom Amy and mom this is Sam. Hi miss.- umm what is your last name Felix? Ballinger. Oh well hi Miss. Ballinger.

Oh no darling you don’t have to call me that just call me mamaw.(Sam looked confused at Amy) W-why would I call you mamaw i’m not- (Felix put his hand over Sam’s mouth) Shhh! Trust me just go with it. Ok well miss-- I mean mamaw it’s a pleasure. (Now Felix is holding back laughter) Why is Sam pick being nice now of all times?(Sam turns around giving him a death stare Eli is now scared) sorry…… Well (Ty leans over to Eli) looks like you got a keeper. (Outraged at the comment Eli gives Ty an indian rub on the arm) HEY! I was just joking around!

(Suddenly there are gunshots outside)What the-! (now everyone is outside besides Ty he went to get ice for his arm hehe that was still funny) Oh it’s those two again (smiles) HEY LEE, EVAN, LOGAN, ROB, MAT LEAVE THE BI-BI GUNS ALONE AND GET UP HERE!(Felix yelled) Oh hey when did eli get here bill said as he came up the hill. (they have a huge backyard) Well looks like everything’s alright so, will you come stay with us, Sam?

Okay this is just my first book I will upload what I have in a fewminutes just le me get some tea so I can NOT destroy this computer. See you there!

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