Sam's Story (#1)

Sam is going about her life when she learns some new information she would of never suspected.


10. Ch. 10 The Deal Date

 Two years later……

“Finally I can try to kill that girl I swear she’s so annoying.”

“Yes, i’m going to my first actual fight of my life and it could also be my last. Well has no pressure.”

“Well good luck and just don’t die.

‘’Felix of course I won’t, I just can’t be a soulkeeper any more if I die in my head. Well bye see you when i wake up.  Well all I have to do is- why does this always hurt my head now where is she-......oh wait I haven’t told you my decision.

‘’I already know it so let start NOW.’’

‘’Wow so bossy, it’s amazing savanna hasn’t killed you yet.    

‘’You’re stronger than last time but, I can still beat you, and your selfish puns.’’

‘’Yea, so what the tables could turn any minutes now on the other hand, if I lose I could go back to my normal life of being alone and I would like that too.’’

‘Kid are really sure you want that. Being alone for your life. I mean you won’t be a soulkeeper but you’ll still have your long lifespan.’’

‘’I never said that really like the idea of staying alone forever and ever but, I do have to find him. Well lets get back to fighting. I’m getting bored and, i’m in pain too, so i’m going to end this with one shot, CIERO!!!!!!

‘’Wait! I haven’t made a move yet ummm. *thinks* Can you trust me Sam? Me or you could say anything if we wanted.’’

‘’Why would you say that i’ve always trusted you with my life Sam.”

‘’Great answer just checking ready and FIRE!

“Guess I was wrong but if you ever lose concentration again I will take over.’’

“Dude why can’t you just die already?”


“Good job Sam” *Said by a random voice in her head*


‘’No one really just a traveling voice well bye!”

“O.K. that wasn't weird at all i guess goodbye traveling voice?”


(Wakes up) ‘’Everything hurts right now I guess she was right but…….hey i’m still a soulkeeper haha!!!! WAIT, KYLA IS SAVANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should of paid attention. Come onnn well to the store. You know what i’ll just send felix because i’m so beaten up.’’

‘’Hey Sam you in there!’’ (Opens door)

‘’Yea i’m here can you go to the store for me.’’

“What happened to you you're all bloody!’’

‘’I just finished that deal I told about remember? Before you ask I won but, with battle scars.’’ ‘’I knew this was some day soon so I went to the store last week, supplies are in the bathroom. Don’t worry i’ll get them you, lay down..

‘’Ok, what’s with everyone ordering me around it’s annoying? Well thanks Felix i’m going out for a little but don’t worry i’ll be right back”.


(At the backyard fence) That was a harsh battle and i’m kinda tired but, what did SHE mean by take over, by this- My head, it hurts!

‘’What’s going on out here, Sam are you ok SAM what’s wro-…Sam are you ok you're bleeding? (Passes out again)


~Author's note: I don’t know why I make the poor girl pass out so much but i’m going to anyway so be  please patient It will stop sometime when i get to the reason why and it's gonna be worth the wait trust me with this.This next part is IMPORTANT and try your best to remember the upcoming names.~


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