Sisters for life

What if there was more to friendship then meet there eyes? Meet 5 unlikely friends with more then you think


7. Chapter 7

“What stay in the family stay though”


“What happen to me?” Milly says

when she woke up. the there others laugh this was Milly. Milly look around. she sow her mother. her mum came over to her. the two not spoke at first but then Milly hug her mother that shook the mother. Alex hug her daughter that she thought she lost. Alex her father back.

“We maybe need to deal with the names. there is 3 Alex and one Milly here”

“My real name is not Alex it’s Moon.” says Alex her mother

“Alex is my nickname. Alexander is my real name. never do that to us again you scared us like hell.”

“She does that a lot.”

*20 years later*


“i am coming.”

the door open. there stood girl as glass like. the door lady smile as she hug the girl. she was only 23 now.

“Hey Alice. Olive! Ruby you guys came”

“Well we want to hear the ending of the story of our story after all.”

“Is it happy ending?”
“Well you ask my daughter that question”

the 5 women turn around to face the little girl on the coach who was typing away., she looks up at her mother and her aunts and godmother and godfather. it has been 20 years since the 10 have been in the same room. Lilly find love in her mirror. Alex and her had a daughter called Snow and a son called Danny in memory of there care. For the Olives. Olive White married her mirror Dean they have 5 little girls. they all look like there mother and father. they look perfect. for other Olive B. she marry Gus on there 21st birthday. they had 3 kids. two girls and a boy. the 2 girls are much like there aunt and there mother. there son is like there dad sporty. Ruby married Tom who they having there first child that due in the summer time. they had taken in 6 kids that family could not take care of them. For Alice. she married to Braden but there something different about there love. they had 5 set of twins.

Did Alice have a twin brother we never knew he had?

Her mother and father are twins. so she would be or is she?


For me i am the one of them…..

which one am i now? can you work out which one i am. i am one of the 10 of them. that the cule can you work it out still not?

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