Sisters for life

What if there was more to friendship then meet there eyes? Meet 5 unlikely friends with more then you think


6. Chapter 6

“Dearth leaves heartaches no one can heal, love leaves memory no one can steals”

“It worried being here” Olive W

“Says the girl who wore my underwear” says Olive B

Olive pokes the tongue each other. they were so funny back then. Milly put her bag on the ground. she was going to get change. when she walk into there bathroom. she had not told anyone about her problem. Milly had many issue thing with her. yet she had something even more dark then her soul her anoxia had got worse. she was so thin. she about to lose it all. when she took off her top you could see her ribs. she ran her hand over the ribs. she lost a lot of weight since they ran away. she could barely move without being self conscious on about her ribs. she sow someone. she cover up. she pulls out her knife.

“Olive!” she shouts



Someone had there arm around her neck. Alex could not help her as he could not breath. Milly was losing her her breath.

“Well, well we meet again”

“Let go of her now”

“You would never hurt your grandmother. the queen of your race”

“They can’t hurt you but we can”

“Danny! Snow!” they shout

“Well, well it the two egg heads that my daughter pay to look after my own grandkids. see how useful you are against my army”


Snow had taken almost everyone down. she point her sword at the queen.

“You forgot one thing about us we where so much different than you think there is. we come from a rare kind and my mother that you killed was the owner and was the maker of the sword you holding she made this in case we need to kill you. here i am”

After they killed her. the Twice world came to back. the 10 could finally go home. yet they may be missing 2 key members.  Olive W spin around. she was cough up blood. she lay over the floor cough. she was sick. it came to end. her life would be over. yet she has not made it her family. Olive W ran over to her best friend. she took her hand.

“Milly stay with me.”

“I have to go” says a weak Milly

“No don’t go Milly.” says Olive W

Milly last breath was taken. Olive W cried. she would not let go of her sister.

“I love you Milly”

the 5 meet there mother and father. Milly mum and dad took there little girl back to there grave yard that they had put there family in there. Olive W went with them. they all did. this was the first time the 5 where every apart. when they go to put her in her thing. something happen. she start to glow. the 4 took Milly hand. something happen when they let go. Alex, Alex, Rose, Bran, Mia, Danny, Tia and James smillie. the 10 held hand and…..


Next time….

“What happen to me?”

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