Sisters for life

What if there was more to friendship then meet there eyes? Meet 5 unlikely friends with more then you think


4. Chapter 4

" You will not know what it's like till you walk a million miles in there shoes”

it been like there has been there world has come down for the 5 since they arrive they have not been there same people that they are. Milly has been getting up in the morning and getting dress and train all day. Olive B have been going to more class and be the library for ages. Alice has put in extra time reading a book. well Olive W has got a job that make her work hours that she would not be in and out of training and in the room. Ruby has keep on her time table. the 5 has not talk since they broke apart. Milly has lost her child. so she been working hard to talk to herself as always. she has not told there others about there misscagger. one day she got into there shower. she had been in there when she felt someone come behind her when she turn around and pin them down when she see Alex

“Hey nice to know you gotten better from beating me up.”

“I am soo sorry i never meant that to happen. i just thought you where you no”

“Have you told there others”

“No we never around anymore”

“I can talk to the there's…”

“I can’t talk tell them they think i am freak. it bad enough i been called names already we only been here for what 12 months and i am planing on running away already”

“We can’t. your parents won’t this.”

“They won’t care a bit i do they dead. this is my life and i go out with who i want.”

“They at less take there other.”

she grown as she knew Alex was right.  she could not leave without there other as they take there other down. Milly wash her hair and head down the hallway she knew where Ruby was as she was always there Alex came behind Milly. Tom got up and look at them as they enter. Tom whack her. Milly look down at Ruby.

“Hey Rubs can we talk?”

“Ya sure sis what up”

“There is something i need to tell you. i was forced to have the baby. i am married to him. yet i want to run away. Alex says i should run away with you guys. get away from here as fast as we can go.”

“Your crazy. well it good to have you back Milly. come on let's go get there other”

The two got the other 3. the 3 where making it out at night full where no one was up. when night fall the 5 did something that they never thought they did. they ran and they keep on running till they could. Olive W drop on the floor first.

“You think we fair”

“Ya i think we are” says Olive B

“We should start climb up the trees they be out looking for us as soon as light and being on the ground is the worst. i watch Hunger Games too many times to know  what happens if we stay on the ground for long.”

The 10 of them start to climb. it took them an hour to get up as the 5 boy could not get up there. it was funny watching them up. when  they got the top of the tree the 10 sleep. they would travel on top of the trees for weeks. now that they were free it was time to start there new life. Olive  B and Alice had got there hands on a laptop and made sure there was no way in hell there was tracking of them. Milly gave them all name and set up place in Canada. the 10 made the pack to make sure they not to look back with that the 10 did just that. the 5 girls work full time in a cafe. well the boys work at car shop. all of them had normal life. that what they thought they were having till…...

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