Sisters for life

What if there was more to friendship then meet there eyes? Meet 5 unlikely friends with more then you think


3. Chapter 3

“Family is all we have we need now.” - Alex

Dear Dairy,

it has only about 14 days an sware to god if i hear another word the Olives say in unison i will kill them for real. yet they my family so i can’t do that. i been at this for about 4 weeks. Danny and Snow say we should write in this book about what we feeling and i know have feeling toward there others. i not sure what it is. Today we moving to another room. we ask to move as Tom keep pushing me out of the bed. Olive B has been in the pain in my neck. she been sleeping through class again as always. we now just leave her to her own thoughts and we pick her up at the end of the day. it worried about this all. i do feel like i should have died when i came to this plant but Ruby says that i am the reason to be part of this family not matter what i got to go Olive putting cheers in my hair again. by the i am having a baby by the way the father is Ben. yes the twins that has me knock up. i have not told there others.

from the writer

it has been 4 weeks since they have been here. people have been talking about them. they have yet to talk about the people. milly has not told her sisters about there unexplained feeding  that she been going on about for a weeks. she is hiding something from them. Milly spends her time in the pool waiting to tell them. she's due in about a 5 months. she be showing soon. she 8 months now and keeping Alex mouth shut is harder than telling them. it was not till the summer time when she has just been to the doctor she has learn a spell that is to hide the bump. that till Olive W walks in to see her small bump and things become un real.

“wait Olive i can explain”

“What is there to explain? You have lied to us about you being sick and you have a baby growing inside of you. how do we not notes the truth sooner or later”

‘What going on?”

“Milly is pregnant’’

“I am 7 months. the father knows. he is going to be there the whole time.”

“You lied to us”

“I never want us to fight over the right of the baby. this is the reason why i never told you guys about her”

“It is a girl”

“yes i was going to name her Ruby after you but now that there yelling i am better off not have called her that. Her new name is Amber Rose Braid. She takes her father name.”

The 5 didn’t talk for a week. the news about the baby has been a pain to all 5 of them. after a week the 5 had to talk to each other because there magic had burn each and one of them. after the whole crying the 5 got back though and work things out.

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