Sisters for life

What if there was more to friendship then meet there eyes? Meet 5 unlikely friends with more then you think


2. Chapter 2

“If we go down we go down fighting. we family family stays till death”- Alice’s mother before she died.

It has been two days since the 5 have arrived at there home town. it cold and people are looking at them worriedly. in a way they do not feel safe. Danny and Snow have keep an eye on them since they have come to the place. the 5 have to unlock their inner power. today they learning out how to unlock their inner mirror vision of there self. Alice flip her hair away from her face. Olive B yawn as she see Alice getting ready for their day.

“Hey why you up so early it’s nearly like 6am. we not up till night time. what wrong”

“I feel like i don’t want to meet there other me. you know there other me. what if i am a freak as then i am already am.”

There other 3 woke up. Milly yawn and climb over Olive W who was just waking up. Olive W hiss at her as she climb over. Milly sit between her two best friends. she grab her glass. there one thing she did not get from her parents. there good eyesight. she got really bad eye sight. yet that not stop her from her training at all. it meant she has to be on her foot quickly. she yawn and look at her younger friend.

“What is the wake up call at this hour?’’

“Alice thinks she not ready to meet her other side of her later today”

“Well there is always there upsight if being with there other side of you then you get to meet their real you. Look i am still half awake. this whole sleeping during their way is doing my way.”

“Look Alice you're doing this on your own. you doing you're doing this with us. Like our mothers and fathers say they did this as a team and we can make this though as a family.”

“Till death we part” they all say.

The 5 put the hand though. Millie smilie as Alice got back in bed. The 5 had been sleeping in one bed. That night the 5 got up to sound of bang on there door. Olives ran for the bathroom. Milly yawn and e all over to her walk in warm or to grab the uniform.  

" Hey it unfair you always get the first sis"

" I am older"

" Are they at again.?"

"Na they playing nice yes. It only been one day and they already acting as twins. When did we become family"

Milly put her pants on the floor. The 5 of them had to get past the whole being see each other naked because of the living way. They knew each other mood sing. Ruby pull on the top and bottom one.  Alice laugh. Ruby shake her head.  The 3 laugh. The olives walk out of the room.

"What so funny guys"

" Nothing sis"

The 3 girls just laugh. The 5 head down the hallway for breakfast.  Olive B grab a tray and pass it down the line. Everyone there knew them now. In trying Danny and Snow was the with there teacher. Milly manage to knock her friend off the ground without trying to do that.  Jojo smile at her. The teachers had also become thee friends to. They do not act as a freak. When they meet there mirro self the 5 where shook. Milly at Alex.

" Hello you.  You must be me."

" Eww who did your hair."

" I did."

Milly frown was this what people sow ?

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