Sisters for life

What if there was more to friendship then meet there eyes? Meet 5 unlikely friends with more then you think


1. Chapter 1

"Friendship is unnecessary like Art.  It has no survival value rather it is one of the things that gives value to survival" c.s Lewis

It all started with a spark of fire. Then a bang. It can all change in a blink of eyes. That what happened to these 5 friends. 5 normal teens living a normal life. That was all change on the day of their ball. The 5 where complete different to each other. Milly was shy but much earn voice. She was there oldest of the 5. Then there was Ruby she was the one who was able to put anyone smile on anyone's face. She played as the 2nd oldest.  Then there was  a few month age between the two next one. Olive B the head girl. Everyone knew this one well. She had made a name for herself. Olive white yule was a girl that made her look like glass. No one could judge her. She was loud and sweet on top. Yet she was one of kind. Last but not was Alice the baby. She like party and playing with her friends. Before they went to the 5 went the school that thre 5 go to now they did not know each other but for Alice Ruby and Olive white yule. They whe school friends. The 5 meet through each other. This night was there last ball. The 5 where dancing on  the dance floor as friend.  Milly did not always like being part of the group but she came experience the world around her. Right now she would be home reading a book. The 5 had never keep sectors from each other. There was a gunshot coming there way. Someone shot back at the other people. It was fight one of the people for grab them from the crowd of there friends.

"What going on?" Said a panic Alice

Alice was one of those girls who just let things slide after having out with Milly for almost a month now.

" My name is Snow I know worried name. Any way those people shooting at us are the enemy they people that want you dead. You 5 are the future of our race. Your parents sent you this. "

" Hello guys. You guys are problems wanting to know what going on now. We'll you 5 come from plant called Twice it is 10000 light years from where you guys are now. We talking to you from the past. Yes we are dead. My name is Mia I am your mother Alice. Yes your birth mum. There is your dad Danny.  Any way we had all gave birth to you. A year after your birth one guy came into our house and was shooting at you guys dad. We got you guys into caption like super man yet this was much smaller. When we said our goodbyes. The man try to get us to tell him where you 5 gone. We said we never told him. His name is Jamie Oliver. He has hate it because we got all the fame and money. Then he killed us. You guys are going to be look after by Snow and Danny your career giver. They will take you to a place where our kind hide on the plant you guys. I am so sorry that we not told you guys sooner that you guys are family at all. "

" Olive I am your mother. Both of you. I love both of you and your father do. We would never have done this if you guys was not in trouble. One day we all be family again like we promise."

The 5 knew that there life will never be the same again. Snow took them to see place. This was their home now. There is no going back. It time for them to save the people that they love if it worth fighting for. Because I know they will. I am one of them. But who am I?

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