So ice cold

what if there was freak live amoung us. meet the people who live a day this


1. So ice cold

I woke up to my brother looking at me in the face.

“Hello Hase”

“Hello Drachen”

“How is my little Hase?”

“I feel like i am going to be sick”

“What wrong sis?”

This time not call me bunny. i got up and ran into the bathroom. i lean over the loo. being sick was the worst. my name is Alexandra but you call me Alex Rose. i am the daughter of the Finder of the world. ya that's me. the girl who is the famous girl who get what she want but there is something no one know about me. i am not human. i am a freak. in a few weeks i am about to run away with some other people. yet this might change me. Alex bends down and check me over. he look worry. i send a wave of calm over him. yet he fighting me again. he saying no. i frown at him.

“I think you need to go see grandma. this is being the second time you have been sick in front of me. i am really worry sister.”

“I am fine. i am going to talk to Tom”

i got up and clean up. i could not tell Alex what really happen. i walk down the road. i put my hood. the women i was not what i am anymore. i got up the road. i took a train. i pay the driver. he nod. i find out i was pregnant a week ago. i was a few weeks along. i get off the train and head for the only place i knew that he would be. i knock on the door. it opens. i walk in. i remove my hod. i could have walk here but being with someone else child is hard. i got to the underground. i smile when i see Tom dancing. i shake my head. he looks up at me. he smilie. he shoo there other dancers away. i walk over to me.

“Hey little thing what you doing here?”

“I can’t see the guy who the father of my child?”

“No but know one else has not know about this. it not out there. if your father find out i knock you up after a drunk party i be killed.”

“Tom stop worrying about my dad. it not we should be worry about.”

He knew who. Ruby Frost. the daughter of a human and Jack Frost. she not just his girlfriend but my best friend and if she find out she could do some damage. he leans down a plant a kiss on my head. i hope the baby is his height i hate my height i am not tall to get my top shelf. Tom smiley. he took me up to the house to see the others. Olive B ran into me. i was thrown off my feet being the girl who had 12 years of black belt under my belt was normal for me. yet here i was being tossed off there floor. her on top of me was normal. she was the boss of our group. there group was from when we were 15 years old. now 3 years later we ,live under one roof. the family is all we got now. Olive W help me up on my feet. i hug her. living halfway across the town i am not able to walk across town to see them a lot. i hug Ruby. she loves being here. it makes her fit in. yet there is something i need to tell them. she the close thing i got to a sister i had. Alex walks out. he look at Tom as he knew what he did. how do we know each other me and Tom. he was my blood dona. we hit off being friends but there is something more and well when you're drunk and you're not thinking straight things become a blur. we all sat down.

“There is something Tom and i want to tell you guys. Alex i know that stop yelling at me”

I turn to Alex who is yelling in my head ‘you can’t be going around telling you got cancer. i got cancer you dummy head. …..’

“I am pregnant with Tom kid. we got drunk and turn sore. you can't keep thinking that i am glass. i never wanted to be a freak. you can call me names but i am going to have this baby and after it i am going to marry Ted. you can’t keep on thinking i am the boss the world. you are my twin brother who had the life you want. you just a self centered person every.”

i had not notes i was yelling out loud till i felt eyes on me. i ran out the room. i ran for the hills. to know that they know i just not want to be there. *Tom point of view*

“How could you not told me Tom?”

“We find out a week ago and we not sure if we were going to keep it. look she explain it. when we drunk you should have know this was going to happen. she out there hurting herself. we a family. i am starting to think you guys jealousy about her power. you guys are suppose to have her back. you guys are not family. i am not standing around waiting for you lot to make up your mind about Alex. she out there with my child.”

i storm out. finding her was one thing. i jump in the air. my wings spread out. i flow out the air. i was looking a something of her. yet i spent all day in the sky looking for her and there was no sign of her. she was no where. i almost gave in when i sow her. she was under her favorite tree. she was so small so weak. i fly down. she look up. i took her glass they were unclean. i take them off i smile yet she just hug. we just sat there hug each other.

the end

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