Her voice

I could still hear her voice echo in the next rooms. her death was fatal,possibly an accident. Of course that was not the case. She didn't die of natural causes.of course not.all that blood in there proved it.i wasn't blaming anyone for making me do this. i was Not blaming myself for the crime i comitted,i was blaming myself for harming her so quickly,maybe i could have sugar coated that question.


1. a lot of blood

My laugh bounces off the walls of the small room. I had Jane cornered up agaisnt the wall. she looks terrified. her looks of fear was delightful as i placed the knife on her neck. "Its time to play with Fire" i say giggling getting out a match. jane stares at me wide eyed. her rooms was going to burn along with her and the rest of her family. The first thing i put the match was on jane's purple dress. the fire already started burning her skin. "I told you not to mess with me. I know you like Toby. I told you...He's Mine." i say angrily kicking her shin as the fire had nearly spread to her chest. Her scream made me happy. I enjoyed screams of pain and fear. Only this one was of pain,fear,and a scream that indeed could attract attention. Her brown hair started burning. "Good Bye Jane Arkansas." i say running to the window and jumping out. 'wow i didn't realize all of that blood was on me...HAHA' I quickly run back into the dark woods silently. i finally see my wooden cabin that was hidden. i quickly run inside and close the curtains and lock the door. i run to my room and lock the door. i pull out my bloody knife. "Dammit,here we go again..." i quickly walk in the bathroom and wash my knife. i sigh as i Finally Finish washing it. i hide my knife in my drawer and grab some clothes from my dresser. i go back into the bathroom and take a shower quickly.i get dressed and close the curtains in my room.I get out my notepad and start drawing (that picture is lala a.k.a the one who killed jane..well at least in my story she did) soon i start falling asleep. as i'm sleeping. i have a sudden flashback '"DADDY!! NO PLEASE!!" i shout out in fear. My father was stumbling towards me with a broken glass beer bottle. I was currently terrified. 'TOBY HELP ME!!" i shout out to my best friend. i thought it was no use. But i was wrong.It worked. toby came. his two hatchets slamming across my dad's head. He was dead. bam laying there in front of me Was my dead father. i was falling in love with toby even more because how he saved me just in time. Weird right?'



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