Me, myself or us

Sierra and her three friends... Alena, Molly and Jessica were the most popular girls in school...

Who knew that would lead to one spin the bottle game that could ruin their reputations, especially Sierra's...

Will she take her popularity for granted and take some risks? Or will she choose spin the bottle again?

-Bad language and mature content will be in this story, so if you don't like that stuff then I wouldn't read...


19. Start for the summer pt.2

Sierra's pov.

Well, two can play at this game....

Luke and I were both dancing normally, but we started getting closer and closer until both if our bodies moulded together. We started grinding on each other. The odd time I would look over at Calum, he would look over here too. He looks quite jealous, but then as I thought that, he ended up having his tongue down another girls throat...

So I just tried to get over what just happened, but I couldn't. I think I like both Luke and Calum. I walked away from Luke and over to get another drink, but on the way back I stopped in front of Calum and that bitch. I cleared my throat, broke apart and looked up at me.

'Yeah, you can leave now...' She just rolled her eyes and walked away from me.

'What the hell was that about? Are you jealous or something?' Calum kinda yelled.

'No... Are you jealous? That Luke and I were dancing?'

'So what if I was. It doesn't matter that much anymore cause it looks like Luke is a bit occupied right now...' Calum said dragging off the last few words.

'Want to go dance?'

'So you can make him jealous? No thanks.' Calum spoke with a bit of anger.

'No, because I want to dance with you.' I spoke while stepping a bit closer to Calum.

'Okay. Let's go then.' Calum said while dragging me on to the dance floor.

As Luke and I did before, we had started grinding on each other. Our lips got closer and closer together, until we finally kissed. There was sparks, but it felt like there was something missing. I guess it was a part of me that was glad it was Calum and another part of me wanted it to be Luke. After about half a minute of us kissing someone announced we were going to play a game of spin the bottle, so we broke apart and decided to play. It was only a small group of us playing, it was just all my friends,

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