Me, myself or us

Sierra and her three friends... Alena, Molly and Jessica were the most popular girls in school...

Who knew that would lead to one spin the bottle game that could ruin their reputations, especially Sierra's...

Will she take her popularity for granted and take some risks? Or will she choose spin the bottle again?

-Bad language and mature content will be in this story, so if you don't like that stuff then I wouldn't read...


3. school

It was a normal day at school with my friends... Same classes same people... The usual.

It was a week before the beginning of summer and I am so excited! I mean parties and clubs every night, who doesn't love that? (Well okay your version of summer may be different to mine... Anyway)

My friends and I were walking through the hall and turned a corner when all of a sudden two nerds came crashing into me, making all three of us fall to the ground

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