Me, myself or us

Sierra and her three friends... Alena, Molly and Jessica were the most popular girls in school...

Who knew that would lead to one spin the bottle game that could ruin their reputations, especially Sierra's...

Will she take her popularity for granted and take some risks? Or will she choose spin the bottle again?

-Bad language and mature content will be in this story, so if you don't like that stuff then I wouldn't read...


17. Getting ready

Read a/n please❤️

Sierra's pov.

When I got home from school I started getting ready straight away.

I quickly got in the shower and afterwards I just put on my dressing gown. I dried my hair and straightened it, which took forever cause my hair is so long.

I brushed my teeth and then put on a small bit of make up, I don't really need much make up so a bit of mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick will do.

I took my outfit out of my wardrobe, I have been saving this outfit to wear for tonight for the past few weeks and I put it on.

My outfit was a black lace dress with black heels, I checked myself in the mirror to see how I looked, I have to admit, don't mean to be full of myself... But I look good. When I was done it was already 6.30 so I waited for Luke and Calum.

Luke's pov.

I just put on one of the outfits that Sierra got me, just black jeans and a black shirt. Calum was ready so we just went to Sierra's. I haven't really been to a party, well I went once about 2 years ago and only stayed for about 5 minutes.

After about 5 minutes of walking to Sierra's house we finally arrived, good thing we are staying over at Sierra's, cause if I get drunk tonight, I wouldn't be able to find my way home.

We knocked on the door and Sierra opened it. Shit... You looks amazing.

A/n~ Hey guys, I have started to update more, I have just had a hard time this past few months but I'm back now...

I will hopefully update two or three times per week, and the party scene will be up tomorrow.

I am really sorry if any of you guys had asked me to update when I didn't, but I am back now so I hope things are okay.

Thanks~ penguin_1996

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