Me, myself or us

Sierra and her three friends... Alena, Molly and Jessica were the most popular girls in school...

Who knew that would lead to one spin the bottle game that could ruin their reputations, especially Sierra's...

Will she take her popularity for granted and take some risks? Or will she choose spin the bottle again?

-Bad language and mature content will be in this story, so if you don't like that stuff then I wouldn't read...


4. ....And...who are you?

Sierra's POV.

I woke up in the school's emergency room with a terrible headache. The last thing I remember was two boys(the ones who crashed into me) with worry, concern and most of all fear in their faces.

Someone shouted," Everyone! She's awake!" A whole crowd of people then stood around me

"It's okay guys, I'm fine..."

Molly then said to me," Hey is it okay if we leave you here, so we can get something to eat?"

" Sure go ahead." They all piled out of the room and left me alone with the two boys.

They both walked towards me with guilt on their faces.

The black haired one said,"I am so sorry Sierra, we had just turned a corner and we crashed into you and you fell on the ground, hit your head and..."

I cut him off,"It is okay, I am fine... Nobody is majorly injured. What's your name?" He replied,"Calum,Calum Hood."

"Nice to meet you Calum." I looked over at his friend who was staring around the room until his eyes met mine, then he said,"What? Don't think I am going to apologise, I am not like everyone else around here... I don't worship you and your friends, in fact neither of us do... He just doesn't want to cause any trouble. You may be one of the nicer people in your group, but you are still a part of that group!"

I just stood there in shock at what he said, " what is your name?"

He replied,"Luke Hemmings..."

"You know what Luke, you are right... But I still treat people with respect and don't compare people to everyone else, you did." He looked at me with a bit of guilt until Calum grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the emergency room.

The nurse came in and told me to go home and get some rest, so I grabbed my stuff and went back home to my friends. (Yes, I live with my friends, our parents are always away on business so they all payed for the massive house that all four of us live in.)

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