Rants of a Child-Like Creature

Rants. Everybody needs a place to let it go (hehe ... Frozen reference). Here's mine.


5. Rant - Twilight

I'm sorry, Twihards, but I absolutely hate it.  Don't shoot me for pointing out the obvious.

The main protagonist is a Mary Sue with no emotions and no concern for anyone besides herself.

The leading vampire isn't a vampire at all.  Hell, he's closer to being Navi's second cousin because he FREAKING SPARKLES!

And the leading wolf isn't much of a wolf at all.  The only thing he's good for is a family pet for the resident vampire (I hate calling them that when they sparkle) family.

So don't ask me which team I'm on.  Please.  You know I'll respond with:







And the thing about these characters ... THEIR BACKSTORIES ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Ganon - or Ganondorf or Ganny - grew up in a desert surrounded by suffering.  Of course he would make a plausible villain.

Ghirahim - or Ghiry or Lord Fabulous - is freaking FABULOUS!!  He would probably have Bella in the snap of a finger.

Zant is creepy as hell.  'Nuff said.

Link.  What can I say about my Hylian bro?  His backstory can range from incredibly sad to the stuff miracles are made from.  The Link I'm using is Twilight Princess Link.  He can shift into a wolf at will, and he will do ANYTHING to save his homeland (and princess) from the douchebags that try to take it from him.

Myotismon.  The best example of a vampire.  And he's a (pardon the language) fucking Digimon.  He's charmingly ruthless, and very well-mannered.  This guy would more than likely have Bella for dinner faster than Cullen ever could.


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