You have changed. ||L.H||

Melissa's dream is to live in Australia. And that dream is going to happen. She have lived in Australia before but she was only 4 years old there... She can only remember her friend Luke. But when she got back, Everything has changed...


3. •New Home•

We got out of the airport and my dad tries to call different people to find our car.

After 10 minutes he finally found the right person. We got or car and was on the road to our new home!

We drive in about 30 minutes and we were finally home! I run up to the door and unlocked it. I open the door and took to steps in. It was fantastic!

My mom called. "Melissa help us!" I turned around and run over to the car. I took my bags and walked inside. I placed my stuff next to the stairs I walked outside and helped my parents with some of their stuff. "All the kitchen, bathroom and living room stuff will come tomorrow" my dad said.

After some time we got all of our things in. I took my bags upstairs and trying to find my new room. I looked in all rooms and of course the last room was the perfect room. It wasn't big and wasn't too small. It was perfect. There was a window where I could see Sydney. It was perfect!

Hiii guys! Hope you liked the three first chapters of my

very first movella. I am sorry that I write very bad but I'm Danish so... ( Some Danish people are very bad at English and I am one of does... ) I will try to be active as

Much as I can but school now is very hard and my mom is in the Philippines and my dad is in Sweden so I am living with my cousin right now...


Hugs from ~ Tasha ^3^

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