You have changed. ||L.H||

Melissa's dream is to live in Australia. And that dream is going to happen. She have lived in Australia before but she was only 4 years old there... She can only remember her friend Luke. But when she got back, Everything has changed...


2. •jetlack•

I hate flying. It's so fucking scary! But I like looking outside and see the skies but it's still kinda scary.

We FINALLY come to Australia and I couldn't wait to come out! But I have the worst jetlack ever! We got out of the plane and everything turned black...

"Melissa? Are u okay" I heard someone said.

I woke up and look around. I was in a room. My mom and dad looked at me. "Honey are you alright?" My dad asked.

"What happened?" I ask.

"I think you pass out" my mom answer.

I looked around. "Where are we?" I ask again.

"At the airport" my dad said.

I got up and tried to find my things. My Dad laughs and give me my things. I was still confused. But the only thing I wanted was to get home as fast as we could.

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