You have changed. ||L.H||

Melissa's dream is to live in Australia. And that dream is going to happen. She have lived in Australia before but she was only 4 years old there... She can only remember her friend Luke. But when she got back, Everything has changed...


1. •"goodbye London!"•

{Melissas POV}

I hit my alarm down at the floor with my head in the pillow. The Alarm didn't stop. I then got up and turn my alarm off.

Today was the day. I was going to Australia. This was my dream! Also my parents dream. We have planned this in YEARS, and finally it was happening. I have lived in Australia before. But I was like 4 years old. I only remember my best Friend Luke. But after I moved we never talked.

I yawned and put my hair in a messy bun. I then walked down stairs. I could smell the egg and bacon from the kitchen. Omg it smells soooo good. I run into the kitchen and sat down next to my dad. My mom comes over with the bacon and egg. I tried to take a piece of bacon but my dad slaps my hand. "Wait" he said smiling. My mom then sat down and I quickly begin eating. "Do you want to say a last goodbye to your friends? We will drive to the airport 8pm, and it's only 7am" my mom said.

To be honest i only have three friends. I am very shy and I am so awkward and boring when I meet new people. But when I'm together with my three friends I can be myself.

"After breakfast I will call them" i said.

After breakfast i run upstairs and tried to find some clothes. I took my favorite skinny black jeans and a blue, red and black shirt. I put a little of mascara on and some lip gloss. My hair is brown and I have blue eyes, a lot of my friends are jealous of my blue eyes, I will rather have green eyes. But to be honest I like how I look.

I called my friends and agreed to meet in the park. I took my phone and walked down stairs. "Bye mom, bye dad. I'm in the park if you need me" I said walking outside.

I began walking over to the park. It's like 5 minutes away from my house. When I got to the park my friends was already there. I run over to them and give them all a big hug. "Melissa we are going to miss you so much!" Michell said. "It's not the same without you" Kylie then said. Sarah began to cry, and after 5 minutes we all cried and laugh. We were talking about old funny things that have happen in our friendship. And now it's going to end. We all agreed that we are going to text and talk as much as we can. We took some selfies and said the last goodbye. We all cried a lot. I give them a group hug and then walked home... crying, and also smiling a little.

When I got home I packed my last stuff and just waited...

After some time I was finally here. Taking a step into the plane. "Goodbye London" I said.

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