Boy Doll.

What would you do, if you suddenly .. one random day woke up in a hospital, just to realize that you're dead? What made you this way? how did you find out... where is all the doctors and why does it smell like plastic in here?

Well my friend.. you're about to find out. This is my story.

(writing every day c: )


3. Winter

You cannot sleep, you don't seem hungry either.. What's wrong with you. Does everyone feel this way? After thinking about it some time you sit up in the large bed, looking around the dark room in the middle of the night. You look to your left, towards the locked window. You haven't seen anything like this! white? White stuff falling from the sky, who dropped it, those who dropped the white small stuff may need it later on.. wouldnt they miss it? You keep thinking about it for a long time before unlocking the window. Brrrrr it's freezing! how should you have known something this beautiful could be so cold? Almost as cold as your skin. You crawl out of the window stepping out into the cold snow. In front of you are the edge.. the beginning of the deep forest. You take the chance, you want to explore this forest, you want to know if your memory is out there somewhere. Al talks about your past alot so why not give it a go? When the snow reaches your knees you look down and watches as your skin turns light red. What is this? It tickles so funny in your toes, soon you wouldn't feel anything in your legs anymore and you sit down feeling tired at last. This stuff feels nice against your skin, cold but soft.. like feathers. You let your eyes close slowly, everything seems to fade away infront of you as you are laying in the snow against a tree. Who is that man walking towards you? You don't know.. you fell asleep too soon to get a glimps of his face.... 

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