Boy Doll.

What would you do, if you suddenly .. one random day woke up in a hospital, just to realize that you're dead? What made you this way? how did you find out... where is all the doctors and why does it smell like plastic in here?

Well my friend.. you're about to find out. This is my story.

(writing every day c: )


5. Stum

"Okay.. So you know how to draw, write.. understand and so on but why will you not say anything.. anything at all.."

Al looks a little irritated but continues to eat his rainbow colored cereal. You understand why he feels this way after loosing his roomie, his best friend.. his only playmate to some weird accident you still know nothing about. You understand why he want you to speak, but even though how hard you try nothing will come out. Not even a scream! It irritates you too and you slam your fist on the table and stands up pushing the chair to the ground, you want to cry but your eyes remains dry. Why can't you just be normal!

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to.. make you angry.. I was worried about you yesterday.. I thought I heard the window open so I just wanted to make sure you where all right.. what where you doing out there anyways??"

You feel sad and alone, no one would ever understand you. You just want to see stuff you haven't seen before, you just wanna have fun without people always have to keep an eye out for you. You watch how your plastic fingers run it's smooth edge across the table as Al talks about how worried he has been. You look at the cereal and desides you want to taste too, you take a spoon full and stops it into your mouth afterwards chocking on it. This is NOT how you swallow! You spit if out across the table and Al stares at you.

"Eh.. you shoudn't try to beathe cereals.. here let me help you" 

He holds out a spoon for you, looking into your eyes, what is this weird feeling? your ears feels warmer. You open your mouth and he places the spoon onto your tongue an tilts it so it would slowly leak out of the spoon, this taste nice! So you smile at him showing how greatful you are to have a friend like him, who can feed you.

"th..- " 

You try to form the words and he nods smiling

"It's okay.. one step at a time"

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