Boy Doll.

What would you do, if you suddenly .. one random day woke up in a hospital, just to realize that you're dead? What made you this way? how did you find out... where is all the doctors and why does it smell like plastic in here?

Well my friend.. you're about to find out. This is my story.

(writing every day c: )


4. Nightmare

You're standing on the warm afternoon sand on the beach. You see the orange sky, and the water just stroking your toes. You smile seemingly happy but then you remember the cold from before.. The beautiful snow falling down on your nose so soft. You miss it, it's like you remember that you like winter more than anything else in this whole world! You take a minute to breathe in and sigh, enjoying the sight of the sun before it's going down. Everything is just standing still just like a dream.. Is this a dream? You look down your hands when the sun is down the edge of the world. Some parts plastic but it's soft like silk.. just like normal human skin but you know that you're diffrent. You know that you'll never be just like others, your age. This feeling makes you sad, so sad indeed. It makes you want to screm but you can't, not now, not here. No one will be able to hear you. You feel some kind of emptyness in your chest, unlike anything you have ever felt before. It's not a nice tickling feeling in your toes anymore.. Not like the white stuff falling from the sky.. You turn around. Al? Al is that you? You keep thinking about it, he got that way of walking and that way he holds into his pucket, like he is looking for something in it all the time. The thought irritates you, but you're still not sure if it's him since his face is all blury. Like someone drew him and gave up half way and started erasing him. It seems like they only got to erase his face before they stopped. It looked just like that. 

"Can you hear.."

You wonder what he is talking about, how can he even talk without a face? without a mouth.. This must be a dream..

"..... me.."

'Can you hear me' Is what the voice told me.. it sounded just like an echo, but it was coming from him. He walks closer, almost in a quick phase. You want him to stop, you want him to stop acting weird! 

"Wake up!"

He tells you as he shake your shoulders, you gasp as you do not know what he is talking about, you're already awake! you're awake.. aren't you.. you.. don't even remember you fell asleep that's it! You never went to sleep you where just looking at the wall all night unable to sleep.. remember the feeling you had in your stomach when you sat up? No.. you don't.. you where not even hungry at all. He keeps shaking you, his eyes suddenly pops out like popcorns when they have gotten too much heat, of Al, out of the erased face. He stares right into your eyes. You close your eyes tight wanting this to stop, wanting the warm feeling in your chest to come back once more because you can't stand this! who would stand this.. You wake up on the weird looking yellow sofa in the living room. You look around then at Al, he is sleeping on the floor next to you, how long has he been there? Is that.. tears streaming down his cheeks? This was all a dream after all..

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