Boy Doll.

What would you do, if you suddenly .. one random day woke up in a hospital, just to realize that you're dead? What made you this way? how did you find out... where is all the doctors and why does it smell like plastic in here?

Well my friend.. you're about to find out. This is my story.

(writing every day c: )


2. New beginning

You stand in the hallway thinking about what just happened, you.. waking up in a white small room inside a big white box called a.. hospita? You shake your head confused about this whole situation and follows Al inside his dorm. A small bag of who knows what is blocking your way to the living room.

"What's wrong? aren't you coming in?"

You point at the bag and looks closer, it's filled with used cans, paper and plastic.

"Oh! sorry that's... the .. trash I just forgot to .. throw it out. I was in a hurry to see you again you see.. you're my roomie.. well you was, before the accident. It's quite a luck for you that i'm a doctor!"

He smile with slight blush on his cheeks, you're still confused about the trash just laying on the floor like that but you continue to walk to the living room. This place.. it's like a dream, like you've been here before. Of course the first person you ever saw, told you that you where his roomie once, so knowing this place shouldn't be odd, right? Al places a plate with warm fresh baked cookies in front of you and smiles, happily and warm. 

"Do you want some milk as well? I  can show you, your room after this if you're interasted."

You nod once trying to smile just like him, but you sigh because of the pain in your cheeks and looks back at the plate, with the brown chocolate cookies. You don't feel hungry right now so you get up slowly from the weird looking yellow sofa you're sitting in. Al shows the way to your room, you feel the feeling again, the feeling you had when you woke up.. it tickles down your spine and your tummy feels like it's getting ripped open.. maybe you're just nervous. 

"I'm sorry it's a mess but.. I did leave it just like you left it that day you..- " 

All seems sad just looking at you but he just keeps smiling like this is all.. normal..? Is this normal waking up in a hospital not knowing who you are..? Is it normal to find your roomie after and accident that happened.. who knows how long. No this doesn't seem right but you don't want to be rude and just nods at him. You see a huge king sized bed in the middle of the room, a open dresser with clothes spread all around and of course.. toys.. how could you forget about your amazing toys.. and all the drawings on the wall.. the tiger pelt on the floor.. ah.. memories.. floading back into your head, you finally feel home at last but.. still alot of clues is missing. Who are you? your parrents your real name and.. what about the accident? what's that all about.. When you are finally done looking at all the stuff you smile and turn around to greed Al once more but he is gone. He even closed the door after him without you hearing it. How many hours just passed? 

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