Boy Doll.

What would you do, if you suddenly .. one random day woke up in a hospital, just to realize that you're dead? What made you this way? how did you find out... where is all the doctors and why does it smell like plastic in here?

Well my friend.. you're about to find out. This is my story.

(writing every day c: )


1. Hospitalised

"He is all done, sir.. now we only need his memories back and he will be good to go" 

"How long will it take again? You know i'm a busy man, Al.. And I don't want my work to get ruined just because some boy you once knew died."

James looks at Al, smirking slightly and strokes your hair, your skin is all pale and cold but they managed to get your heart beating once again, soon you will get your skin color back but you will still be dead and gone.. well that's what they thought. 

"I'm sorry, sir. But this might take a few years to finish. Some times they never get their memories back .. I'm sorry"

"Then I want nothing to do with the boy, you hear me!? If he can not come back and work at my company he can kiss his work here goodbye! He is.. yours to deal with now."

Jamen slams the door loudly after him. Al walks to you, looking down upon your sleeping face and starts enjecting you with some kind of serum. After a while you open your eyes, your eyes blue and deep like in some kind of painting. Just by looking into your eyes would blow your cower. everyone would KNOW that you aren't normal. 

"Ah.. you're awake.. i'm sorry about the memory thing but my boss said that he wouldn't want you if you.. couldn't remember so.. you're mine now!" 

You look at his smiling face, he seems nice but you're still not sure if you should trust him or not. It scares you to not know where you are or why you're here. Without any words you point  at yourself and tries to smile.

"Oh that's right! past is past so I'll just call you Nao.. it's such a pretty name.. don't you think? hmm.. you do understand me so it shouldn't be so hard for you after all.. now.. let's get you dressed instead of that horrible hospital clothing you got on.. heh.." 

Is he friendly? Yes.. of course you would think that, so you sit up and looks at your hands. Plastic? You're made out of plastic?? You start touching yourself all over around your face and arms. Al looks at you and sighs.

"Yes.. that's right.. something you must know is.. that you have been in a tarrible accident and we had to.. remove your arms and some parts of your face.. don't worry you look quite normal to me! Thanks to the Japanese help care, you will be just normal."

After that, Al takes some clothing from the dresser and places it onto the bed beside you. Jeans.. t-shirt and some socks..? Is that a hoodie? You seem to remember having that kind of clothes on, so you take it on quickly, and sits back down. 

"Are you hungry? i'll take you out of here and we can go out to eat before heading back to my place alright?

Al holds out his hand to you, should you accept? 


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