The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


12. Taking the fuckboy back

mimi: r u gona tak him bak?!

lea: anser my qestion!!

mimi: wel he sems nic nd his frindz r nic so ye buuuuttt who nows he cod stil be a bit of a fukboi but do wat ur heart tels u 2 do

lea: tats dep

mimi: ikr

lea: but ugh idk wat 2 do

mimi: lets list pros nd cons wit d8in him

sara: wat r u doin

mimi: decidin wat 2 do wit te fukboi

sara: oh ok

mimi: soo wats te pros off d8in him

lea: wel hes nic funy he cars abot me he taks car off me he luvs me he trets me rigt hes a gentlmen nd

sara: u reliz tis boi cheatd on u rigt

lea: ye butt tat was becus he had 2 be a fukboi u now

mimi: ok ten cons if d8in him

lea: he cod be a bit fukboiy but hes an angl

sara: ur so in luv omg

lea: no im not

mimi: ye u r so d8 him!!!!!!!!!

lea: u sur

mimi: be compltly onest now do u want him

lea: ye

mimi nd sara: d8 him ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lea: ok imma tak 2 him *nervos gigl*

mimi nd sara: u go gurl!!

lea: *gos 2 calm* hiiiiii

calm: *smils* hiii bby

lea: so ive ben tinking...

calm: ye?

lea: nd wel i *starts tinkin of him kisin tat gurl* i cant be ur gf im so sory

calm: oh *ters up*

lea: *starts 2 cri* im sory calm *runs awy*

a fwe minuts l8r

mimi nd sara: *waks by calm*

mimi: weres lea

calm: *cris*

mimi: omg wats wron

calm: lea wakd awy *cris* she sad she didnt want 2 be my gf *cris*

sara: wat

mimi: wat

calm: wat

mimi: she just sad she wantd 2 be wit u nd she was goin 2 tel u tat like 5 minuts ago?!?!

calm: i gess she changd her mind

mimi: we ned 2 find her

sara: ye

mimi: com her calm give me a hug *hugs him* ok we need 2 go now *runs awy wit sara*


sara: were is she?!?! y doenst she answer or cals or texts?!

mimi: fuk idk we need 2 go te leson starts now

sara: oh fuk

on te leson

teachr: ok wer is lea

mimi: idk

teachr: is she sick

sara: no shes somewere her in scol

teachr: oh ok

5 mins l8r

lea: *waks in2 te clasrom* in sory im l8

aftr te leson

mimi: lea!!!!! lea!!!!

sara: lea!!!!!!!

lea: wat

mimi: y did u chang ur mind?!?!

lea: i just *sighs* i just remebrd wen he kisd tat gurl nd idk

mimi: wel ok u do watevr u want giv me a hug *hugs lea*

sara: com her *hugs lea*

neckst dai

teachr: ok ur gona work in pars lea ur gona work wit calm

calm: hi

lea: hi

@ te end of te leson

lea: calm can we tak aftr te leson

calm: ofc bby

aftr te leson

calm: sooo

lea: im so sory 4 yestrdai i didnt men it i just tougt of u kisin tat gurl nd idk i panikd im sory

calm: its ok bby *hugs her*

lea: so i undrstand if u dont want me 2 be ur gf anymor

calm: wat no i wil alwys luv u nd id luv 2 d8 u but if u wana b frinz ten i hav 2 del wit tat

lea: wel i wana be ur gf


lea: ye

calm: OMFG YEESDSS SKNSBSAN *kises her nd holds her tigt*

teachr: kidz tese dais.... *sighs*

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