The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


15. Sleepover part 2

30 mins in te movi

aston: *cudls wit sara* bab u rnt scard r u

sara: *shaks hed*

aston: good butt u now im rigt her *kises her forhed*

sara: *smils*

calm: *maks ot wit lea*

mical: *cudls wit mimi* tis movi is gr8

mimi: ikr

mical: i lik watcin it wit u *kises mimis chek*

luek: *stil sits on te flor nd iz VRY mad @ mical*

mimi: luek u can sit neckst 2 me if u wnt 2

luek: no im fin

*ters a jumpscar in te movi*

luek: *screms* mimi u now wat i tink i changd my mind *sits don neckst 2 her*

mimi: *taks his hand*

luek: *smils*

mical: *is mad @ luek*

a litl bit l8r

aston: sara u want te last chip in te bowl

sara: yes tank u

luek: we hav mor chips if u guys wnt

mimi: omg yas

luek: k ill go 2 te kitcen 2 get som

lea: shod we paus te movi

luek: no its ok

mimi: i can com wit u luek

mical: wat no

mimi: ill b rigt bak *kises micals chek nd waks 2 te kitcen wit luek*

mical: *is mad @ luek* y dos 2 ppl ned 2 go nd get te chips

in te kitcen

mimi: we rely ate a lot of chips lol

luek: ye abot tat

mimi: wat

luek: we didnt rely et al tose chips

mimi: wat do u men

luek: i put te chips undr te carpt cuz i wantd 2 go 2 te kitcen

mimi: naw luek r u scard

luek: um no

mimi: yes u r *gigls*

luek: k yes im scard *blushs sligtly*

mimi: ur adorbl *hugs him nd kises his chek*

luek: i lik u lik A LOT

mimi: i lik u a lot 2

luek: ur an amzin gurl nd i lik 2 b wit u

mimi: *blushs a litl*

luek: *lens in clos 2 her nd is vry clos 2 kisin her*

mical: *screms from te livinrom* HOW LON DOS IT TAK 2 GET SOM DAMN CHIPS

luek: *sighs* k we ned 2 get te chips

mimi: um ye

luek: *puts chips in a bowl*

mimi: k lets go *waks 2 te livinrom wit luek*

mical: tat tok som tim huh

luek: um we codnt find te chips

mical: ye sur *is SUPR mad @ luek*

mimi: *sits don neckst 2 mical*

mical: *hold her hnd*

luek: *sits don neckst 2 her nd hold her otr hnd*

mical: u now teres a lot of spac on te flor luek

luek: gr8 y dont u sit tere ten

aston: iM tRyiN 2 wAtC a MoVi HeR

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