The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


14. Sleepover part 1

tim 4 te slepovr @ lueks hos

mimi: heloooo!!

lea: hiii!!!

sara: helooo!!

luek: helo!!

calm: hi bab *kises lea*

aston: hiiii!!

mical: u wana play crds aganst humanty wit us

mimi: yas!!


mical: k guys r u hugry cuz i m

luek: ye lets et piza

calm: i wnt on wit pinapl nd ham

luek: u kidin peproni is so muc betr

aston: i lik ches

mical: whtevr lets et

aftr te diner

mical: lets play trut or dar!!

sara: yas!!

aston: k lets strt luek u strt trut or dar

luek: dar

aston: et a spon of mustrd

luek: ew k ten *ets mustrd* TATS SO GROS

evryon: hahhahahahhahahahah

luek: k mical ur turn trut or dar

mical: trut

luek: ho do u lik mor ten as a frind

mical: ehm...mimi

mimi: naw

luek: oh *is mad @ mical*

mimi: luek wats wron

luek: um notin

mimi: u sur

luek: eh ye

mical: k calm ur turn trut or dar

calm: dar!

mical: run on te stret nakd

calm: sur

lea: *watchs him nd smils*

mimi: ....lea u crepy af

lea: oh sory *blushs nd loks awy*

mimi: lol


luek: lets wach a movi

evryon: sur!!

lea: wich on

sara: te conjurin!!

evryon: k sur

mical: *sits down clos 2 mimi* u can hold my hnd if u get scard

mimi: ye *smils*

mical: *puts his arm arond her sholdr*

luek: *is RELY mad @ mical*

aston: *sits don clos 2 sara* bab if u get scard just remembr im rigt her ok

sara: ok *gigls*

calm: lea bab sit in my lap

lea: ok *sits in his lap*

calm: *kises lea on te forhed*

luek: *sits on te flor wit a stufd peguin* :-(

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