The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


24. Searching for Sara

mexicn gurl: ok wer do u tink she woud go

aston: hmm she liks fod so....mcdnlds?

mexicn gurl: ok lets go

@ mcdnlds

sara: *sits nd eats a hamburgr*

aston: *waks in*

sara: *ses aston* FUK *runns awy*

aston: *loks arond* no shes not her :-(

mexicn gurl: ok wat oter plac coud she go 2

aston: strbuks mayb

mexicn gurl: teres a strbuks neckst 2 mcdnlds lets go tere

aston: ok gr8

@ strbuks

sara: *drinks cofe*

aston: *waks in*

sara: FUK I HOPD I WAS SAF HER *runs awy*

aston: *loks arond* shes not here ethr :-(

mexicn gurl: wer els coud she go

aston: kfc!!

mexicn gurl: teres on rigt arond te cornr!

@ kfc

sara: *ets chikn*

aston: *waks in*

sara: R U KIDIN ME *runs awy*

aston: *loks arond* shes not her :-(

kfc dud: ASTON?!

aston: *turns arond* CARMN?!

carmn: HIIII

aston: OMG IVE MISD U *hugs him*

carmn: IVE MISS U 2

aston: i didnt now u workd her?!

carmn: wel i ned te mony u now

mexicn gurl: im sory but how do u now ech othr?

aston: wer cosins!

mexicn gurl: omg!

carmn: yas! so y r u her aston

aston: im searchin 4 me gf

carmn: oh wat is she doin her

aston: it got intens @ hom so she wantd to go her

carmn: oh ok mayb i can help u lok 4 her

aston: yes plz!

mexicn gurl: ok wer coud she b

aston: mayb te bech

carmn: ok lets go!

@ te bech

sara: *ses aston* oh fuk! *runs awy*

aston: *loks arond*

carmn: do u se her

aston: no...

carmn: wat dos she lok like

aston: *shows pic on his phon*

carmn: OH MY

aston: wat


aston: i now!

mexicn gurl: ok lets lok 4 her

a fwe minuts l8r

carmn: i cnt find her

mexicn gurl: me neithr

aston: neithr can i :-( *cris*

carmn: its gona b ok dont wory *hugs aston*

mexicn gurl: ye we wil find her i promiz *hugs aston*

aston: thx 4 ur help guys but u dont ned 2 help me any longr

carmn: u sur

aston: yes i wana b alon

mexicn gurl: oh ok good luk

carmn: yes good luk m8

aston: thx


aston: *sits in a bar*

bartendr: wat do u wnt sir

aston: idk watevr just mak me drunk ok

bartendr: ok sur *givs him a drink*

aston: thx man

bartendr: let me gues... its a gurl rigt

aston: *sighs* ye

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