The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


27. Lea and Michael

luek: GR8 WAT IS IT

mimi: al tis drama startd bc calm is a fukboi nd he dosnt undrstnd how amzin lea is untl he loses her so if he loses her he wil wnt 2 gt bak togethr wit her nd he wil undrstnd how importnt it is 2 b faitful 2 her so tey wil gt bak togethr nd liv haply evr aftr

luke: butt wat do u men wit "if he loses her" he alredy lost her

mimi: no shes stil singl nd hes a fukboi so he tinks he can just us his charm nd gt her bak wenevr he wnt

luek: so she neds a bf is tat wat ur sayin

mimi: yas!!

luek: butt who shod b her bf

mimi: mical!!

luek: yas!!!! butt how r we gona get tem togethr

mimi: fuk i didnt tink of tat

luek: we can tak mor l8r te leson strts now

on te leson

teachr: ok were gona work in pars 2day work wit who u wnt

mical: lea lets work togethr!!

lea: sur!!

mical: u now ur rely prety rigt

lea: *blushs*

luek: *whisprs 2 mimi* lok @ lea nd mical

mimi: *loks @ tem*

mical: *puts his arm arond lea*

mimi: *smirks* i dont tink we ned 2 wory abot how were gona mak tem a coupl

calm: *loks @ lea* ugh i mis her

on wek l8r

lea: guys i ned 2 tel u somtin!!!!

mimi: wat

sara: wat

lea: i hav a bf!!!!!

sara: OMG WHO

lea: mical!!!!

sara: OMG IM SO HAPY 4 U

mimi: OMG ME 2

neckst brek

mimi: luek!!!

luek: ye

mimi: lea nd mical r d8in!!!

luek: ye i now mical told me

mimi: isnt it gr8?!?!?!!?! now calm wil get jelos nd get lea bak!!!!

luek: mimi ive ben tinkin

mimi: nd

luek: tis plan wont work

mimi: y not?!?!?!?

luek: cuz wat if lea doesnt wana d8 calm?! she sems vry hapy wit mical

mimi: oh

luek: she movd on

mimi: oh

in te evenin

calm: *sits in his bed nd cris* i mis lea so much :-( i ned 2 win her bak nd staph flirtin wit othr ppl!! butt wat shod i do *tinks* I NOW

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