The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


26. Hating on Calum

2 weks l8r

mical: *waks up 2 lea* hi

lea: *ignors him*

mical: lea we ned 2 tak

lea: *ignors*

mical: i wnt 2 aplogiz ok im rely sory! i wnt 2 b frinds agin!

lea: y wod i b ur frind u STOL ME BF

mical: calm is a ashol ok butt im not i promiz! i wnt 2 b ur frind lea! we can strt a h8club tat h8s on calm!

lea: omg tat sond gr8! butt u promiz 2 b nic nd dont stel me bfs ok

mical: yes i promiz!

neckst dai

mical: ok so ive mad a websit its calld nd its gr8!!!

lea: omg yas!!!! ive mad tese postrs tat i put on te wals al ovr te schol!

mical: tats amzin!!!!

lea: butt we ned mor membrs in or club

mical: we can ask sara

lea: yas! she h8s fukbois!!

sara: *waks by*

lea: SARA

sara: hii


sara: wat club

lea: or h8 on calm club

sara: ok sur!

mical: YAS THX BRO

sara: ur welcom ;-)

on wek l8r

mical: dis h8club is gr8!!

lea: yes we hav lik 50 membrs!!

sara: yas!!!

luek: *waks by*

mical: luek r u sur u dont wana b in or club

luek: guys ur takin dis 2 far ur bein rely men 2 calm

lea: he desrvs it

sara: ye hes a fukboi

luek: wel i dont wana b in ur club *waks awy*

@ lunc

luek: mimi we ned 2 tak

mimi: ok sur

luek: in privat

mimi: oh ok *waks awy wit luek*

luek: u now leas nd micals h8club

mimi: ye

luek: we ned 2 staph tem

mimi: how

luek: we shod tak 2 te principl

mimi: noooo

luek: y not

mimi: te principl is scry he wil get rely mad nd lik mak it a big deal

luek: butt we ned 2 staph tem!

mimi: ye *tinks 4 a fwe minuts* I HAV AN IDE!

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