The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


2. Falling for the fuckboy

neckst leson

calm: *sits don neckst 2 lea agan* helo

lea: heloooo

calm: ur rely prety u kno

lea: *blushes* tank u

teachr: ok red dis text in pairs red on lin ech

calm: ok u start

lea: ok onece upon a tim tere was a tutle how livd insid a big big cave nd hadd no famly

calm: it hadd a hard shel it was my tutle

lea: in te cav it had a dak cav 2

calm: *is quit*

lea: calm its ur turn

calm: oh shit im sory i just gott lost inn ur eys

lea: *blushs lik mad*

aftr te leson

sara: lea i saw u nd te fukboi erlir u ned 2 b carful

lea: yes butt hes so nic nd cut

sara: tey alwys r at firt butt ten tey sow wat kind of ashols tey truli r

calm: *walks bye* helo lea

lea: *blushes* hii

sara: dont fal 4 te fukboi

at lunc

calm: can we sit don wit u

lea: ye sur

calm: tanks *sits don wit luek mical nd aston*

sara: *loks at lea*

mimi: *sits tere akwardy*

calm: so lea wat r u doin 2dai

lea: not muc

calm: do u wana hag ot

sara: actuly shes gona hag ot wit me

calm: oh ok anoter tim ten

lea: ye

aftr te lunc

lea: sara y u do tat

sara: im just protetin u from fukbois

lea: oh wel i dont ned u 2 protet me

sara: i tink u do

mimi: i agre wit sara ur falin 4 te fukboi lea!!!

lea: no im not

mimi nd sara: yes u r

lea: no wer just friedz

mimi: 4 now ye

lea: im not in luv ok?!

sara nd mimi: ugh ok

nekst leson

lea: *stars at calm*

teachr: lea? lea u ok

lea: wat

teachr: lea anser my qustion

lea: uh wats te qustion

teachr: wats 20725291981716+628292662819•5852991

lea: uh idk *loks at calm*

calm: *loks at lea nd smirk*

lra: *blushs nd loks awy*

sara: oh dam shes faling 4 te fukboi

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