The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


11. Dating the fuckboy?

on te lunc

lea: ok gurls i ned ur help

mimi: k wit wat

lea: u now calm

sara: te fukboi

lea: wel he was a fukboi

sara: ye

lea: wel hes sory for chetin on me nd we r frindz now butt

mimi: butt wat

lea: he wants me 2 be his gf nd idk wat 2 do

mimi: do u want 2 be his gf

lea: idk!!!!!

sara: just b carful he can stil be a bit of a fukboi

mimi: ye but tink like tis imagin u lyng neckst 2 him in bed

lea: oh ok

sara: wer te fuk is tis goin

mimi: wat do u wana do? do u wana lay tere nd just tak or do u wana mak ot

lea: uhm wtf

mimi: ok ten can u imagin him nd u makin ot in bed

sara: mimi wat te hek

lea: y r u askin me tis

mimi: cuz if u rely lik him u can imagin makin ot wit him in bed naked

sara: naked?!?! chil ot mimi

mimi: yeye eitr way if u can imgin tat u lik him nd if u just tinks its gros ten u dont lik him

lea: nd wat if i lik him

mimi: ten u shod ask urself do i want 2 spend te rest of my lif wit him

sara: mimi chil were only tenagrs!!

mimi: i now butt watevr

lea: ok il tink abot it tanks 4 te tips

mimi: ur welcom *smils* anotr way 2 find ot if u shod be his gf is to imagin havin sex wit him cuz

sara: *interups* MIMI WAT TE HEK

on te leson

teachr: ok work in grops off 3 or 4 u can chos who u want 2 work wit

aston: sara!!! lets work togethr!!!

sara: yes!!!

calm: lea u wana work wit me

lea: sur!!

calm: *smils big*

aston: calm!! lea!!! work wit us!!

calm: yas!!

luek: mimi lets work togethr!!

mimi: sur

mical: me2!!

mimi: ye com her mical

teachr: ok so i want u 2 writ a stori abot an animl

calm: we can writ abot a tutle!! it can liv in a big big cav!!!

lea: sur


teachr: ok so ur ordanary teachr 4 neckst leson is sik so ur gona hav me nd were gona play a gam so u dont ned any boks ok se u l8r by

neckst leson

teachr: ok as i sad were gona play a game nd its cald trut or dar

mical: yaaaaaasss!!!!!

mimi: omg no i hat ppl

luek: its gona be ok dont wory *kises mimi on te forhed*

mimi: *smils*

teachr: ok so i hav tis ap wic is vry good ok lets se calum ur gona start

calm: oh

teachr: trut or dar

calm: dar

teachr: ok kis somon in te rom

calm: ok *turns 2 lea nd kises her*

teachr: wow wtf chil bro i nevr sad on te moth u cod hav kissd her on te chek!!!

calm: oh ok wel i wantd 2 kis her on te moth

teachr: *sighs* kidz tese dais... ok lea trut or dar

lea: trut

teachr: *smirks* did u enjoy tat kis

lea: um yes wtf

mical: *whisprs* tis teachr is so crepy omg

mimi: *whisprs* ikr!!!

teachr: ok mical trut or dar

mical: dar

teachr: kis somon in te rom of te oposit sex

mical: ok sur *kises luek on te chek*

teachr: gr8 ok luek trut or dar

luek: trut

teachr: who do u luv te most in tis rom

luek: mimi

mimi: omg *cris insid bc LUEK*

luek: *smils*

mimi: *smils bak*

teachr: ok mimi trut or dar

mimi: trut

teachr: whos ur favorit teachr

mimi: idk not u at lest

clas: *laugs*

teachr: *muttrs*

mimi: lol

aftr te leson

lea: mimi!!!

mimi: ye

lea: do u tink its a good ide 2 be togethr wit calm...?

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