The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


33. Christmas

Hi guys!

I know that I've been super inactive and I'm so so sorry, but I've neither had the time nor inspiration to write. But now I'm back with an extra long chapter, which is also the last one for this story! I hope you'll like it and that your christmas was better than 5sos' was in this story c;

Love you all!

neckst mondai in schol

calm: hi bab *kises lea*

mimi: dafuq

lea: wat

mimi: wernt u gonin 2 stay singl 4 a whil

lea: oh yea fuk tat

mimi: oh ok

luek: HI BAB *kises mimi*

lea: R U D8IN

mimi: *smirks* yes


calm: ME 2 OMG

aston & sara: *holds hnds* hii guys

lea: hiiii

mical: im so lonly omg

sara: u shod get a gf

mimi: yea we can help u get on

mical: omg rely

lea: yas!

mical: YAS THX

te neckst dai

teachr: sooo its son cristmas wich mens we only hav two dais left in scol


teachr: so i thogt we coud hav an activty dai 2morrow

clas: fuk

teachr: its gona be supr fun!!

te neckst dai

teachr: hi guys welcom tis morin wer gona play som sports so lets strt wit som fotbal

mimi: fukfukfukfukfukfukfukfuk

aftr te first fotbal match

mimi: fuk tis shit *runs ot of schol*

luek: MIMI WYD *runs aftr her*

sara: MIMI IM COMIN WIT U *runs aftr her*

lea: ME 2 *runs aftr sara*

mical: WAIT ME 2 *runs aftr lea*

aston: y dont tey wana play fotbal

calm: idk

aston: theyr lazy af

calm: yes lol wel i luv fotbal


teachr: ok so now wer gona play som basktbal

aston: weres te oters @

calm: idk

aston: ok watevr lets play

calm: yas

@ lunc

calm: tere u r

luek: yea hi

aston: weres te gurls

mical: tey wer tird of tis shit so tey went hom

calm: oh ok

aston: teyr lazy lmao

mical: b carful or else tey wil whop ur as

aston: oh

calm: ok lmao

te neckst dai in scol

teachr: ok tis is ur last dai in scol tis year


teachr: ok hers ur grads ok gr8 u can go hom now

clas: oh ok

outsid scol


lea: hii

calm: y did u leav yestrdai

lea: oh wel it suked so mimi sara nd i went cristmas shopin insted

calm: oh ok

sara: u now wat

calm: wat

sara: u just got a gr8 ide!!

lea: wat?!

sara: lets celebrat cristmas togeter!!

aston: yas tat woud b gr8!!!

mical: im in!!

mimi: yas me 2!!

lea: YAS

calm: sur tat woud b fun!!!

luek: uhm idk

mimi: y not

luek: i hav 2 ask my mom first

calm: goddmnit

mical: or u coud just be punk rok af like us nd dont car abot ur mom

sara: gr8 ide

luek: ok sur i wana b punk rok

mical: gr8! lets hav te parti @ my hous nd bring gifts!!

on te parti

mical: ok lets exchang gifts!

aston: ok im first! *hands ot gifts*

sara: wow bab ur so nice thx 4 te chese!

lea: thx 4 te barbi aston!

mimi: tank u so muc 4 te potato!!

luek: wat abot me nd mical nd calm

aston: ye im sory i coudnt aford gifts 4 u cuz i spent al my mony on te gurls gifts

calm: oh ok :-(

luek: ok watevr i dont hav any gifts anyways cuz my mom didnt giv me any mony

calm: ye i dont hav gifts eithr i was 2 lazy 2 buy som

mical: ok wel i bougt tedy bers 4 al of u!


mical: ur welcom ;-)

sara: ok so we gurls only hav a gift 4 mical

mimi: ye bc mical is awesom

lea: yea nd u othr guys shoud b gratful 4 just havin us in ur livs bc were fuking awesom

sara: exctly

mical: ok so wats my gift

mimi: *hands him a huuug box*

mical: OMG *unwraps te gift*

abigal: *jumps ot of te box* SURPRIS!!!!!


mimi: ye u now we promisd 2 get a gf 4 u nd tis is te only on we coud find

sara: ye we fond her wen we wer cristmas shopin!

mical: U SERIOS

lea: ye mery cristmas!

abigal: i hav a song 4 u mical!

mical: oh gad plz no

abigal: *sings* I HAT UR DUM TATO I WISH UD FLY 2 TE MON

mical: *sobs*

aston: *gigls* wat an amzin cristmas!!

Te end

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