The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


6. Cheating

neckst dai

calm: *taks 2 som blond gurl*

lea: is tat te gurl he takd 2 erlir

sara: ye

mimi: ur not sad bc hes ovr u rigt

lea: no im fin

l8r tat dai

calm: *taks 2 gurl agan*

lea: *tris not 2 car*

on de lunc

calm: *sits wit gurl*

lea: hi calm

calm: hi

sara: lea com ovr her

mimi: sit wit us

lea: ok gotta go calm bai

calm: ye watevr


calm: *huggs gurl*

lea: *stats 2 get jelos*

calm: *kises gurl*

lea: WAT

calm: *waks awy*

lea: *runns ovr 2 gurl* WAT TE FUK R U DOIN BICH

gurl: chil ot i jus kisd my bf

lea: BF?!?!?!!?!?

gurl: ye?


gurl: wat no

lea: u son off a bich *slapps her*

gurl: *runs awy*

mimi: lea callm don!!


sara: didnt u brek up wit him

lea: no i coldnt

mimi: butt u promizd

sara: hes a fukboi

lea: butt i rely likd him i tougt he woldnt hurt me

mimi: dont trus fukbois!!

lea: *cris*

mimi nd sara: bby com her *comfots lea*

aston: helo u r calms gf rigt

lea: ye

aston: did calm hurt u?!!

lea: ye

aston: y wod he hurt suh a butiful gurl?!!!!! imma kik his as *waks awy*

mimi: he smes nic

sara: fukboi!!!!!

lea: but he semd nic

mimi: ye he was gona kik calms as bc he hurt lea so hes a gr8 boi

sara: no hes a fukboi!!!

lea: butt he protect me!!

mimi: we shod get 2 now him

sara: ok ten

lea nd mimi: yaas!

(conversaton on kik)

lea: calm

calm: ye bab?

lea: we ned 2 brek up

calm: wat y?!?!

lea: cuz u chetd on me u fukboi

calm: wat r u taking abot?!?!

lea: i saw u wen u kisd tat gurl

calm: wat gurl

lea: dont ply stopid its ovr

calm: nooo :(

neckst dai @ lunc

aston: lea mimi sara sit wit me

mimi: ok sur

lea: calm wont com rigt

aston: no hes ovr tere

lea: oh ok good

sara: r u a fukboi

aston: wat

sara: r u a fukboi

aston: no

sara: u sur

aston: ye ofc fukbois brek gurls herts i wold nevr do tat

sara: tats wat tey al say

mimi: plz ignor or frind she tinks evryon is a fukboi

aston: oh ok lol

lea: but calm is a fukboi rigt

aston: ye but dep don hes a gr8 boi

lea: i tougt he lovd me :(

aston: i now he did butt he wants 2 b populr so he turnd in2 a fukboi

lea: i want 2 get 2 now te rel calm

aston: ye ten we ned 2 mak him stop beng a fukboi

lea: how do we do tat

aston: idk tbh we ned 2 mak a plan

lea: ok im in

mimi: me 2

sara: me 2 i wil do anyting 2 mak te fukbois disapr!!

aston: good com wit me hom aftr scol so we can mak a plann

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