The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


8. Being with the fuckboys

aston: *tris 2 find calm in hors* wer is he?!?!!

finaly he find calm in a cornr in te halwy

calm: *cris*

aston: calm!!!!

calm: lev me alon!!

aston: no!!

calm: i h8 u!! u mad evryon h8 me!!! now i hav no frindz!!

aston: calm lissen! i had 2 do it bc i new u only was a fukboi bc u wantd 2 be poplr nd now wen evryon h8s u u can b ur tru self!!!

calm: teres no resn 2 b mysel if evryon h8s me!!

aston: i dont h8 u! mical nd luek dont h8 u!! cuz we now tat u r a gr8 boi!

calm: but lea h8s me nd tats te only ting tat matrs

aston: u lik her dont u

calm: i luv her

aston: i now she liks u 2 so just be urself nd she wil luv u

calm: u sur

aston: im sur

neckst dai

calm: uhm hi lea

lea: helo

calm: im vry sory 4 wat i did!! u dont desrv 2 be tretd like tat!! u r te most amzin gurl ive evr met!

lea: naww calm its ok

calm: im not a fukboi anymor i promiz so do u wana hag ot i want u 2 get 2 now te rel me

lea: id luv 2!!

calm: u wana com wit me hom aftr scol

lea: ye!!!

calm: gr8 so excit!!

aston: lok @ tem! i new my plan wod work!!

mimi: its gr8 im vry hapy 4 tem!!

sara: its vry good hes not a fukboi!!

aston: non off us r

sara: u sur

aston: im sur

mimi: wel in tat cas i wod lik 2 get 2 now luek nd mical...

aston: sur tak 2 tem u can mayb hag ot aftr scol!!

mimi: butt im socaly akward :-(

aston: ok il tak 2 tem :-) oh lok tere tey r!! luek!! mical!!

luek: hii

mical: supp

aston: i rely tink u 2 shod hag ot wit mimi aftr scol todai!

mical: ye tat wod b nice

luek: ye mimi u wana com wit me nd mical 2 my plac aftr scol

mimi: omg ye id luv 2!!

mical: gr8 cant wait!!

luek: so excit!!!

aston: sooo sara u wana hag ot todai aftr scol

sara: ok sur!

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