The Fuckboys

4 fuckboys. 3 girls. A heck ton of drama.

(This is not a serious story, it's messed up and it's written in a weird language, but I hope you'll like it lol)


29. At the hospital

@ te hospitl

calm: hi lea

lea: helo

calm: uhm i just wantd 2 tel u how sory i am

lea: watevr

calm: no lea plz listn 2 me

lea: *sighs*

calm: i now ive ben a teribl person nd i undrstnd if u wont forgiv me butt im not rely a fukboi ok ive just ben actin like on bc i new it woud mak me populr nd idk ive ben such an idiot butt i wnt u 2 now tat i rely luv u nd u woud nevr hurt u

lea: how am i supposd 2 trust u

calm: idk i undrstnd if u dont

lea: u hav ben such an ashol 2 me nd i just cant forgt tat nd giv u al my trust agin

calm: i now

lea: nd im wit mical now

calm: yea i now *starts 2 cri*

lea: no calm dont cri!

calm: *cris* im so sory 4 evrytin ive don bby

lea: i tink u shod leav

calm: *cris nd leavs*

te neckst dai

mimi: hi lea!

lea: hii

mimi: how r u swetie

lea: betr

mimi: gr8! so did calm tak 2 u

lea: ye *sighs*

mimi: nd?

lea: wel he says hes sory butt idk if i can trust him agin i men hes a fukboi

mimi: no

lea: wat

mimi: calm is not rely a fukboi hes actuly a gr8 guy

lea: r u kidin

mimi: no hes truly a gr8 guy nd he luvs u alot nd he is vry sory 4 wat he did 2 u ok hes tbh hartbrokn

lea: rely

mimi: yes i talkd 2 him yestrdai nd he crid 4 hours!

lea: idk wat 2 do *sighs*

mical: *waks in 2 te rom* lea

lea: hi mical

mical: i tink we ned 2 brek up

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