The immortals

(Creepypasta )Running. Always running. They're always there for a single purpose. To kill me. But they can try, they will never catch me. They will never stop. I will never forgive. ......(also on deivantart and fanfiction under Leaderlessmusic and dragon-slayer-by-the-book)


1. Introduction

The bar was a quiet place but saw many patrons during fall weeks, . Strangers would fill the bar to bursting as they reveled in successful hunts, near misses, and the amount of meat their kills had yielded. One waitress had worked there long enough to know almost everyone who would arrive by name or, if not name, face. Her scarred face was harsh at times but was a welcome sight none the less, to weather beaten hunters and police officers visited. “Këdin!” a cheerful voice calls out. The brunette waitress lifts her head from the tedious work of cleaning glasses. A warm smile breaks out on her brown lips.” Jacob!”a baritone voice echos as the women walks over and tightly hugs the aged officer, much I should say, to his surprise.” the almighty Këdin is willingly hugging someone! The world is ending!” He teases as he returns the hug. “oh shut up you old wolf” Këdin chides back, referring to him by his aquired nickname. Jacob growls half heartedly back, as Këdin chuckles at her own joke. “ My beard ain't that bad.” He grumbles under his breath as he releases the brunette. “Yes it is” Këdin yells in a sing song voice.   His fellow officers and hunters alike, smiled and shook their heads at the interaction. Jacob took a seat near the fireplace and removed his heavy coat . He scratched his grey bushy beard as he chuckled to himself at his friend’s antics. Këdins countless tattoos and studs made her seem harsh, an image which, was not helped by her facial scars. Her most noticeable scar ran down her right eye and was framed by three scars along the side of her face, another, smaller scar sat on the right side of her lip. Jacob had asked her about them multiple times only to be answered with silence. After much pestering on his part, she told him. Jacob wished she had not. 




“How did you get them?” Jacob asked for the hundredth time as Këdin places the warm meal before him. “You really want to know?” She sighed, looking at him with sad eyes. “Yes” he replied as she sat down in front of her own meal. The room remained quiet for a few moments until “Kidi” Jacob insisted. “........” “Këdin” “Fine! I was attacked by a group of soldiers, they thought I was a spy I got slashed on the lip. The eye,......I was......*shakey sigh* there was this guy, I was in London and he picked me as a victim. Man had a thing ‘or ripping or slashing his victims......I I stabbed the bastard, he-he died.” Jacob moved over to Këdins side of the table in a heart beat , wrapping his arms around her.”Oh God*sob* I never told anyone except my sister.....” she gripped Jacobs shirt and sobbed into his chest. Jacob rubbed her back as she sobbed. “....... I got the ear wound on a ship. There was an accident involving guns.” Këdin sniffed and wiped her eyes “..... God I'm a mess” Jacob chuckled at this.”Then there's the rest..............” “Maybe another day hmm?””da”



 Jacob smiled at at the memory but frowned as he thought about the situation which resulted in her moving in with him.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  


Jacob ran up the stairs to Këdins apartment panting as he prayed “Please be alive” .The girl had called him in the middle of the night, panicking. “Jacob! I'm in trouble! There was this guy at the bar and he knew me! He followed me home! Oh god oh god he knows he knows” she whispered into the phone. “Këdin calm down! Tell me what's going on what does he know?!?!?” “IT DOESN'T MATTER! GET OVER HERE NO-” the line died. “ Këdin! Shit!” he hung up and ran to his car. Once in the car he grabbed the police radio " This is Jacob Anderson reporting home invasion in progress at apartment 23 in the drake building on 5th ken's streets! All available units please respond! “ he yelled into the radio as he drove towards the building as fast as the police car was able.   “Unit 2 responding” “Unit 5 responding” “Unit 18 responding” “Unit 20” rattled the radio as Jacob sped towards the building.


“Unit 23 almost on site” Jacob relayed into the radio. “Wait, isn't that Këdins building?” a female cop questioned.”Yes” Jacob hurriedly replied. “Screw parking tickets, unit 17 responding” “Unit 2 on route” “Unit 5 on route” “Unit 18 on route” “Unit 20 on route” “Unit 21 on route and responding” “Unit 23 on site!” Jacob yelled as he grabbed the hand held, climbing out of the car. Two cars pull up beside him “Units 17 and 18 on site” he called in checking his gun.  

A red headed woman climbed out of the first car, a African American man and a cacasian man out the second. “Cover the exits!” Jacob orders as the rest of the cars arrived, himself already climbing the stairs. “ Jackson, Henson, Adams,cover me!” he shouts, the mentioned men following him up. Upon reaching the second floor two cops cover the stair way and two cover the elevator. Jacob motions towards Këdins door, walking silently intending to sneak up on the intruder.  *SCREAM* “ STOP MOVING “ *rip* * painful sob* The officers shared a look and ran inside the apartment to see Këdin pined to the counter, a steak knife embedded in her hand, a hooded man standing over her, holding a crossbow.  

“DROP YOUR WEAPON AND PUT YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD” Henson demanded aiming his weapon at the surprised man's head. “ Okay! Let's be rational here” “HE SAID DROP YOUR WEAPON” Jackson roars. “Okay! Okay!” the man slowly lowers the crossbow as Henson walks over with handcuffs, Këdins hand being freed by Adams. “ TEDNII END! TEDNIIG ALAKH! “ He shouts suddenly, slamming the crossbow end into Hensons head . A second hooded figure runs in, knocking Jackson out. The first man lifts a dagger and aims it at Adams.  

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