The immortals

(Creepypasta )Running. Always running. They're always there for a single purpose. To kill me. But they can try, they will never catch me. They will never stop. I will never forgive. ......(also on deivantart and fanfiction under Leaderlessmusic and dragon-slayer-by-the-book)


2. Found you

 ​Where you left.....


DROP YOUR WEAPON AND PUT YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD” Henson demanded aiming his weapon at the surprised man's head. “ Okay! Let's be rational here” “HE SAID DROP YOUR WEAPON” Jackson roars. “Okay! Okay!” the man slowly lowers the crossbow as Henson walks over with handcuffs, Këdins hand being freed by Adams. “ TEDNII END! TEDNIIG ALAKH! “ He shouts suddenly, slamming the crossbow end into Hensons head. A second hooded figure runs in, knocking Jackson out. The first man lifts a dagger and aims it at Adams.   




“NO!” Këdin rises with surprising speed, form her fetal position on the floor, pushing herself in front of Adams, the dagger embedding in her stomach. “KËDIN!” Jacob crys, leaping and delivering a deathly shot to the man's head. The second man attempts to flee only, to be tackled by the cops at the elevator. Këdin looks down at the dagger, pulling it out. She stares at her hand after touching the wound. ”Scheiße” She mutters then colaspes. Jacob rushes over, pushing his hands on her wound. “No no no no no no no no no “ Jacob chants. Këdin gasps clutching at Jacobs shirt. *gasp* She arches her back, bending, then colaspes again. “” She breathes. Këdin pulls towards Jacob, clutching his shirt sleeve. “ I'm.......I'm.....*gasp of pain*” She attempts. “Shhhh " Jacob shushes, tears running down his face. The officers from outside wander in and are met with the scene. Their friend, dying. A shout is heard, a gunshot,he man runs back in, flanked by others, all welding weapons. The officers startle, one of the men raises a crossbow,  another a AK-47 , the last , a machete. 

The officers were unable to respond for this happened to fast. The gun was aimed at Henson, a trigger being pulled. The machete moving to meet Adams neck, the crossbow aimed at Jacob. The other officers were in no better condition. ‘This’ Jacob thought 'is the end’ He moved to cover Këdin with his body. The crossbow trigger being pulled. All the officers knew that this, was it, this was the end. But fate had other plans.  


The crossbow was grabbed by a long back tendril, closely followed by a tanned hand, griping the bow. “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH THEM!” Këdin yelled, slamming the crossbow into his face. Këdins tendril slammed him into the wall as she rushed, grabbing the machete welding by the wrist, causing him to die by his own hand. Her body suddenly shuddered, the ak-47 unloading into her back. Këdin gasps, touching the exit wounds she watches the remaining officers attempt to fight off the hunters. No more hiding. No more.NO MORE. NEVER AGAIN. She dropped to her knees, duly aware of the remaining officers being bound . This was it . I'm sorry Jacob. I'm sorry friends. Këdin was fading, Jacob yelling. Then came a familiar sound, a sound known well. A voice, a voice that meant and brought one thing. Death. Cwn awen. The hell hound. The killer of Alden. Këdin pulls knives toward her, HE had to DIE. With the last of her strength she swung up.....and dropped,  a bullet to the head. 


Inspect them for marks" millions of voices keen form a single mouth.. All present where then felt and grasped at. “ Tonh hiesl kel" The tall leader bends down over Këdins body, exposing her neck. “ Sedif koiu” He bites her neck as  the hunters reveal matching scars over all the officer's chests. “Bleed them” Cwn muffles, suckling blood form Këdins neck. Jacob takes a last look at his dear friends. He closed his eyes as the hunters raised black shards. “” a voice breaths. “Quiet mortals" The shards begin pushing into the skin over their hearts.” one...” “ I SAID QUIET!”  “....touches them” The shard welding men grabbed their prisoners roughly, daring them to speak. Cwn plunged his mouth over the wound again. “........They are protected...”  


Cwn yelps as two hands slide over his jaw to sit near his neck.”.........BOO” Këdin twists her hands, snapping his neck instantly. The hunters attempt to flee, dropping their shards. Black tendrils impale their hearts. Këdin stumbles over to Henson, removing his bounds. Henson rushes about, freeing the others. Jacob rushes over to where Këdin kneels, clutching her to his chest. She clutches at him,  crying,  “.......hurts...” then passes out. Jacob calls to Henson to issue man down. The officer rips open her shirt pressing his hands over the countless bullet holes. The back tendrils adorning her back wrap around her arms, then sink into her skin. The officers startle as Jacob jumps back, Këdins wounds closing slowly.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~week later~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Këdin blinks slowly, her eyes burning slightly. She groans, her whole body in pain.”Këdin!?!?” a female voice calls. Këdin nods, her throat to painful to talk. Footsteps sped away.“Guys! She's awake!” The Irish dripped voice of Nigish proclaimed. Këdin winced, unused to the volume. She slowly sits up, her back in agony. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. She was in a sparsely furnished yet cosy room. The walls were a soft beige, the floor deep brown hardwood. She was in JACOBS house. That ment...... Scheiße. 


They saw her change. . ”Scheiße” She thinks, attempting to sit up properly only to clutch at her chest in pain. Këdin held her head, feeling the area between her eyes. Yup. That's a new scar. Awesome. She looked up at the sound of footsteps, seeing her friends. Alive. “Këdin!” Jacob runs up, clutching Këdin tightly. She groaned at the contact, Jacob released her instantly. “Sorry” Këdin nodded in reply. Jacob then gave her a harsh look. “When exactly where you planing on telling me you can grow things out your back? Or that you can heal yourself? From A BULLET TO THE HEAD?!?!? We thought we lost you!” Këdin hung her head in response. “What are you?” Këdin pointed towards a pen. Nigish handed it to her carefully. ‘Immortal'


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