Dear diary.

My diary. A diary of a 30 something stay at home mum, who spends her tie writing, and trying to stop her manic four year old tearing down the house!


1. 16th september That will teach me!





I decided to buy Aurora ( my daughter) some felt tip pens instead of crayons, for her colouring books. She has ADHD so she never plays by herself, me or my husband ( Ben) have to be playing with her 24/7 . she's a handful, I'll tell you that much! Crayons, and colouring in is the only activity I can convince her to do without us, so I set her up on the kitchen table, ad get on with some laundry.

Half an hour later, I think to myself, God she's quiet, she must really be into her colouring! 45 mins later, still not a peep from the alarm bells start ringing! Too quiet, I think. Off I go to the kitchen and I see her sat on the floor. I glance at the table top...the colouring book is open, the pages blank....not a peep of colour on them,


I look closer at what she is doing, she is colouring in my table legs. My table legs...every one of them has meticulously coloured in black felt tip!

Aurora Autumn...what on earth are you doing I say, in my best stern/cross mummy voice.

She turns around to look at me...just like the picture above, that right there is how she looked up at me, with those big innocent , blue eye's! "I didn't like the clown in the book, so I wanted to help you decorate mummy." ( we have been painting the house recently) " Ummm....ok, but what is that on you're face??" I whine. She blinks, and cocks her head inquisitively as if I'm a bit stupid. She speaks really slowly, so I understand what she is saying. " I'm a cat! I needed whiskers silly mummy!" Ahhh, yes, how could I be so slow, of course you're obviously a​ cat, and of c​course you had to have whiskers! and my bright ideas. Epic fail!!


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